2011 Proof Gold Eagle

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The 2011 Proof Gold Eagle is struck as a collector version of the US Mint’s bullion American Gold Eagle Program, which was introduced in 1986 along with the American Silver Eagles. The US Mint released the four different sized Proof Gold Eagles on April 21, 2011.

2011 Proof Gold Eagle

Sales of the Proof Eagles were consistent, but not especially noteworthy in their first six months of availability. The Mint did, however, declare a sell-out of the individual one ounce Proof Gold Eagles on October 14, 2011. At that same time, sales of the other three remaining individual coins and the 4-coin set stood under 50% of their respective maximum mintages.

2011 Proof Gold Eagles — Product Limits, Mintages
1 oz 30,000 70,000
1/2 oz 15,000 55,000
1/4 oz 16,000 56,000
1/10 oz 30,000 70,000
4-Coin Set 40,000 N/A


As described by the US Mint, "American Eagle Gold Proof Coins" are struck multiple times to produce a frosted cameo image. Each is then sealed in a protective capsule and mounted in a presentation case for sale. Four different sized Proof Gold Eagles are typically produced by the Mint each year, a $50 face value one ounce coin, a $25 1/2 ounce coin, a $10 1/4 ounce coin and a $5 1/10 ounce coin.

The proof eagles differ from their bullion counterparts in several respects. The bullion options do not contain the proof finish found on the collector coins, nor do they have the ‘W’ mintmark indicating that they were struck at the US Mint’s facility in West Point. Another differentiating factor is their method of sale to the public. The proof coins are sold directly to the public by the US Mint while the bullion strikes are sold through the Mint’s network of authorized purchasers.

The designs on both the obverse and reverse of the Proof Gold Eagles have not changed since their introduction in 1986. On the obverse is Augustus Saint-Gauden’s designed Liberty. This design first appeared on the $20 gold piece that was released between 1907-1933. For the reverse, sculptor Miley Busiek designed a male eagle with an olive branch in its beak flying above a nest containing a female eagle and her hatchlings.

Aside from the previously mentioned bullion Gold Eagles intended for investors, the US Mint also has produces Uncirculated Gold Eagles for collectors.

Proof Gold Eagle Annual Mintages

The one ounce Proof Gold Eagle has been struck annually since 1986, with the exception of 2009 when it was cancelled by the Mint to allow all gold blanks to be directed towards bullion production.

The individual annual mintage are shown below:

Date 1 oz. Mintage
1988 87,133
1989 54,570
1990 62,401
1991 50,411
1992 44,826
1993 34,369
1994 46,674
1995 46,368
1996 36,153
1997 32,999
1998 25,886
1999 31,427
2000 33,007
2001 24,555
2002 27,499
2003 28,344
2004 28,215
2005 35,246
2006 47,092
2007 51,810
2008 30,237
2009 N/A
2010 TBD

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