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Lincoln Penny Design Images for 2009 Circulating Cents

2009 Lincoln penny design images were revealed by U.S. Mint Director Ed Moy Monday morning during a news conference at the Lincoln Memorial. The four reverse designs celebrate a different aspect of Abraham Lincoln's life: his birth and childhood in Kentucky, his formative years in Indiana, his professional life in Illinois and his Presidency in Washington, D.C.

2009 Lincoln Penny Reverse Design Images


"This is a momentous occasion in the history of our Nation's coinage because these designs represent the first change in the Lincoln cent in half a century," said Director Moy. 

"These coins are a tribute to one of our greatest Presidents whose legacy has had a lasting impact on our country.  He believed all men were created equal, and his life was a model for accomplishing the American dream through honesty, integrity, loyalty, and a lifetime of education."


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Lincoln Penny 2009 Designs Unveiled September 22

The United States Mint announced in a media advisory Friday that it will reveal the 2009 Lincoln penny designs during a news conference...

John Quincy Adams Presidential $1 Coin and First Spouse Medal Set Released

John Quincy Adam United States Mint Presidential $1 Coin and Louisa Adams First Spouse Medal Sets are now available and priced at $7.95...

Alaska Quarter Release Celebrated at Fair, Governor Palin Misses Event

Governor Sarah Palin's office announced as late as last night that she would be spending today at the Alaska State Fair to introduce the...

U.S. Mint Ends an Active August with Multiple Coin Offerings

The United States Mint pulled out all the stops in the final week of August with the launch of several new coin products and...

Andrew Jackson Individual Proof $1 Coins

The Andrew Jackson Individual Proof $1 Coin will be available through the United States Mint Thursday, August 28, at 12 noon (ET). Andrew Jackson was...

Alaska State Quarters in Bags and Rolls

The newest state quarters honor Alaska with bags and rolls of the coins available Monday from the United States Mint. Collectors can order 100- and...

Alaska State Quarter to Roll Out at State Fair, Public Coin Forum

The ceremonial launch of the commemorative Alaska state quarter will occur at the Alaska State Fair, the United States Mint announced Thursday. The Alaska...

Jackson Liberty First Spouse Gold Coins Arrive Aug. 28

Jackson Liberty First Spouse gold coins will be available from the United States Mint on Thursday, August 28. The 1/2-ounce proof and uncirculated versions are priced at $619.95 and $599.95, respectively. Both versions have a face value of $10, are composed of 24-karat gold, and have a total mintage of 40,000.

Jackson Liberty First Spouse gold proof and uncirculated coins

The current prices are the same as the Louisa Adams and Elizabeth Monroe spouse gold coins, even though gold has come down in price recently. (See live spot bullion prices.) Ironically, the 2007 Dolley Madison proof and uncirculated versions are still available and priced at $529.95 and $509.95, respectively.

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2008 U.S. Mint Silver Proof Sets Arrive August 26

The 2008 United States Silver Proof Set™ will be offered by the U.S. Mint Tuesday, August 26 at noon (ET). The 14 coin proof...

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