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US Mint Sales: Silver Eagle Coins Slower, Vicksburg Quarter Set Debuts

Vicksburg Quarter Three-Coin SetDemand weakened a bit for many of the major United States Mint products, including each of its American Silver Eagle coins, but the bureau's latest sales figures show a mostly steady stream of buying across its offerings.

Sales data published last week had uncirculated Silver Eagles higher for the first time in three weeks. Its total had been suffering weekly cuts due to cancellations and returns following a drop in silver prices and resulting Silver Eagle suspensions. The coins moved higher for a second straight week, but at a slower pace. The uncirculated Silver Eagle advanced [...]

US Mint Christmas and Braille Silver Dollar Order Deadlines Approach

Collectors wishing to purchase US Mint coins for gifts have been given two deadline to ensure guaranteed delivery by Christmas. One of those dates...

Braille Commemorative Silver Dollar Deadline Announced

The United States Mint this week announced the deadline to order Braille Commemorative Silver Dollars. The legislation authorizing the coins stipulates that they can...

Circulating Coin Production Update: Charts by US Mint Facility (1999-2009)

Coin production chart collageThe US Mint has updated coin production figures through to April 2009, and the data indicates a further slide for circulating change.

Rather than offer a hodge-podge of numbers that make it difficult to see and compare mintage levels for modern coinage, the included charts visually show trends for a quick analysis.

The US Mint has already said fewer coins will be struck this year. Had the Mint remained silent, it would still be a simple deduction to realize that 2009-dated pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters should be much, much scarcer.

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Louis Braille Silver Dollars Launch

2009 Louis Braille Silver Dollars were launched in a ceremony Thursday at the National Federation of the Blind (NFB) Headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland. The commemorative proof and uncirculated silver dollars celebrate the 200th birthday and the life and work of Louis Braille, inventor of the Braille system for reading and writing by the blind and visually impaired.

2009 Proof Louis Braille Bicentennial Silver Dollar

The United States Mint first released the Braille designs and a prototype in July 2008 during the NFB annual convention in Dallas, Texas. The unveiling showcased the unique silver dollar design, which US Mint Director Ed Moy told the audience about during Thursday's ceremony.


"For the first time in history, the United States has a coin with readable Braille. The 2009 Louis Braille Bicentennial Silver Dollar honors the developer of Braille, a tactile code that has been instrumental in the literacy and independence of the world's blind people."


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Louis Braille Silver Dollar Prices Set by US Mint

Proof Louis Braille Silver Dollar CoinThe United States Mint provided Louis Braille Silver Dollar prices and gave notice it will offer introductory prices for the silver coins beginning March 26. It also threw a new Braille product into the mix.

Through to April 27, the initial pricing for the bicentennial coins honoring Braille's birth will be $37.95 for the proof silver coin and $31.95 for the uncirculated version, according to the Federal Register which published the Mint memo.

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From Penny to Dollar, U.S. Coin Production Declines in 2008

Coin production chart collageU.S. Mint circulating coin production is down across the board based on a current pace that should see about 10.1 billion coins minted in 2008. That compares to 14.4 billion coins issued in 2007 and over 15 billion in years 2006 and 2005. In fact, at the current rate, 2008 coin output will end at its lowest level in at least the last ten years.

The Mint's first release of production figures for 2008 reported 3.2 billion coins struck through April. The newest figures indicated 6.7 billion coins were minted through August, or about 842 million coins on average per month. The comparison charts shown below provide the best visual evidence of the declines at both Mint facilities in Denver and Philadelphia.

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Platinum Uncirculated American Eagle Coin Sale Officially Announced by Mint

The United Sates Mint released a press statement today officially — or at least more publicly — announcing the release of their 2008...

Braille Coin Design Unveiling: Video from Dallas

US Mint Director Ed Moy revealed the design and a prototype of the commemorative Louis Braille Bicentennial coin at the National Federation of...

Louis Braille Bicentennial Silver Dollar Prototype and Coin Design Images

Louis Braille commemorative silver $1 coins design images and a prototype of its readable Braille reverse were unveiled today by U.S. Mint Director Moy...

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