It’s not really news. It was expected. The Jefferson Liberty First Spouse Coins sold out. And fast! Both the 1/2-ounce proof and the 1/2-ounce uncirculated versions were hot items. Like the previous Martha Washington and Abigail Adams Spouse coins, they were gone within hours. 40,000 coins taken in a blink of an eye! Well, not […]


A week ago from today, August 15, the United States Mint held a release ceremony for the new Thomas Jefferson Presidential $1 Coins. A video of the event sure would have been nice! But wouldn’t it be great if you could at least see photos from the ceremony? Well, now you can and right here! […]


Are the new Jefferson Presidential $1 Coins really released into circulation? Have you seen any? Or was the United States Mint ceremony announcing their release just marketing hoopla and a government cover story? Well, there’s no question the U.S. Mint’s ceremony the other day had its fair share of marketing, but there’s nothing wrong with […]