Monday, March 8, 2021
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$50,000 Reward Offered for Stolen Gold Ingots

A $50,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the recovery of nine, stolen SS Central America gold ingots. ...

Thief Inadvertently Returns Stolen Rare Coins to Owner

In a shocker of shocks, just days after stealing a rare coin collection worth around $80,000, the thief returned them to their owner. He...

Stolen Collection Traded in Coin Cash Machine, Protecting Your Coins

SafeA coin collector can hardly experience anything worse with a collection than having it stolen. After the theft, there is always the hope that some or all of the coins will eventually be recovered. But imagine if your coins were stolen and then spent or traded like every day circulating change, as if they had absolutely no collectible value.

That is exactly what happened to one man's collection in Enfield, Connecticut. He found out that he had been taken to the cleaners by a woman he hired to clean.

The woman apparently discovered the collection, called another man into the home, and together they took the collectible coins and paper-money. Even worse, the coin collection was then swapped for cash using a coin cash machine at a local store.

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Torch Wielding Thieves Arrested for Stealing $750,000 in Rare and Common Coins

Dec. 16, 2007 wasn't a good day for Chester (Chet) Endress, a 73-year old coin collector and owner of Chet’s Coin Shop. That day...

Copper is the New Gold, Rich in Value and Sought After by Thieves

Copper used to be the problem step-child of metals. It was either not thought about or considered in a negative context, like ...

Is Copper’s Power Waning?

A 7-month low hit copper yesterday in New York futures trading. The fall was driven by concerns of softer import data from China. As interesting...

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