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Swiss Gold Coin Commemorates Centenary of Pro Patria

To mark its centenary, the Pro Patria foundation is receiving a special gift from the Swiss Confederation: the official 2009 gold coin. The commemorative...

Swiss Red Deer Commemorative Bimetallic Coin Issued

The latest bimetallic coin within the Swiss National Park commemorative series was issued Friday, according to a statement by the Federal Mint Swissmint. The third and second to last coin in the park series depicts the Red Deer, which was close to extinction by 1850 and has since rebounded.

2009 Swiss National Park Red Deer Bimetallic Coin

The outer ring of the coin is made of aluminum-bronze and the inner core from copper-nickel. The Red Deer is portrayed within the inner circle of the reverse as its antler tips reach toward to the outer rim.

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Swiss 2008 Commemorative ‘Year of Planet’ Proof Gold Coin

Federal Mint Swissmint has launched a new Swiss commemorative gold coin entitled "International Year of Planet Earth 2008." The 11.29 gram coin is sold...

Swiss Silver Commemorative Coin “Vitznau-Rigi Railway” Starts New Series

Federal Mint Swissmint has launched a new several year commemorative coin series celebrating historical mountain railways. The first commemorative out of the gate is the 20 Swiss franc silver coin, the "Vitznau-Rigi Railway," honoring Europe's first mountain railway.

Swiss Silver Commemorative Coin "Vitznau-Rigi Railway"

Artist Benno K. Zehnder designed the coin and portrays the cog railway on the Rigi in the form of a playing card. Separated by letters ascending to the right is a modern railway engine and under the "Vitznau-Rigi Railway" heading is a historical steam engine.

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Swiss Bimetallic "Golden Eagle" Commemorative Coin on Sale

The bimetallic Golden Eagle commemorative coin is now available from the Federal Mint Swissmint. The Golden Eagle coin is the second of four...

Swiss ‘Ice Hockey Centenary’ Commemorative Coin from Federal Mint Swissmint

The variety of commemorative coins minted around the world makes collecting them interesting and exciting. The coins can provide a deep glimpse into...

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