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US Mint 2009 Silver Proof Set Launched

2009 Silver Proof SetThe US Mint on Friday launched the 18-coin 2009 Silver Proof Set for $52.95. The annual set is a favorite with collectors, highlighted by the no longer available 2008 Silver Proof Set with sales of 774,874 as of Sunday.

The 2009 set is actually $8 more than last year's offering, but it also includes an additional silver quarter and four bicentennial 2009 Lincoln cents specially struck in 95% copper, 3% zinc and 2% tin -- the same alloy used in the original 1909 penny.

Similar to the fast-selling 2009 clad proof set that was issued by the Mint in June, the silver set contains collector proof versions of circulating 2009 coinage. All coins bear the "S" mint mark denoting they were minted at the United States Mint in San Francisco. Additionally, the dime, half-dollar, and six quarters are struck in lustrous 90 percent silver. The set has an intrinsic silver value of $19.99 at Friday's silver spot price of $13.16 an ounce.

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2008 US Mint Silver Proof Set Last Chance

With the US Mint announcing the upcoming 2009 US Mint Silver Proof Set launch, coin collectors are reminded of the still available --...

Reminder: US Mint’s Clearance Sale Ends in Hours

Collectors looking to shop for United States Mint clearance coins have just hours left. The Mint's "Last Chance Sale" kicked off Saturday, November 15,...

50 State Quarters® Program Concludes as the Most Successful Coin Initiative in U.S. History

Program Nets Nearly $3 Billion from Increased Quarter Demand over Decade

United States Mint State QuarterWASHINGTON - The United States Mint is wrapping up the 50 State Quarters® Program, the national phenomenon that sent Americans searching through their change for the latest quarter to add to their collections.  It is estimated that 147 million Americans have been collecting the coins in the 10-year 50 State Quarters Program, which has honored each state in the order it ratified the U.S. Constitution or was admitted into the Union.  The program, authorized by Congress, kicked off in early 1999 with the introduction of the Delaware quarter and concludes at the end of 2008 with the Hawaii commemorative quarter-dollar coin. 


"This groundbreaking initiative has been the most successful coin program in the Nation's history," said United States Mint Director Ed Moy, who participated in the launch ceremony for the Hawaii quarter on November 10, 2008.  "The 50 State Quarters Program has educated a generation of Americans about the history and geography of the States.  It has also generated tremendous state pride and encouraged citizens to consider which images should symbolize the region where they live."


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US Mint Last Chance Sale Begins, Clearance Coins Listed

US Mint Last Chance Sale Promotion ImageThe United States Mint's last chance coin clearance sale kicked off early Saturday morning with a massive list of over 150 old and new coins and products.

The Mint announced its sale Monday along with plans to slash coins from its 2009 numismatic portfolio, including 22 American Buffalo and American Eagle gold and platinum collector coins.

The Mint has dubbed its limited-time, first come, first serve offer as the "Last Chance Sale." The sale continues through to December 19 and includes coins and product dating between 1999-2008. The Mint has said old inventory not sold will be melted shortly after, which will ease its January transition to a new fulfillment center in Plainfield, IN.

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Ceremonial Hawaii Quarter Launch a Success

The Hawaii state quarter kicked-off with its ceremonial debut on Monday with thunderous success. Children who received a free, shiny Hawaii quarter were pleased,...

Will Some Hawaii Coins be Valuable?

New Quarter-Dollars Brought Uncle Sam Billions – 25 Cents at a Time The Hawaii state commemorative quarter-dollars that go into circulation starting November 10 may...

Hawaii State Quarter Release Ceremony and Collector Forum

Hawaii state quarters officially enter circulation on Monday, but their ceremonial release kicks-off a week later, on Monday, November 10, the United States Mint...

Hawaii State Quarters Begin Circulating Monday, Nov. 3

Americans will watch the final state quarter enter circulation with the launch of the Hawaii quarter on November 3, the United States Mint...

US Mint Launches 2008 American Legacy Collection

2008 American Legacy CollectionThe US Mint on Monday released several cornerstone coins all within a single 2008 United States Mint American Legacy Collection®. The set features 15 popular proof coins "presented in unique and elegant packaging."

The collection includes proof versions of all 14 circulating coins for 2008, including the final five quarters of the 50 State Quarters® Program (Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, Alaska and Hawaii) and the four $1 coins from the second year of the Presidential $1 Coin Program (Monroe, Adams, Jackson and Van Buren). The set also includes a proof version of the Bald Eagle Silver Dollar.

The collection is priced at $100 each, with a household limit of 10 in place. There is a total limit of 50,000 sets.

The kicker for the collection is its packaging. While extremely attractive, all the coins may be purchased separately for a total of $70.90, making the packaging price an extra $29.10.

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