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Perth Mint of Australia Pre-Decimal Coin Collection

The Perth Mint of Australia on the first ofPerth Mint of Australia Pre-Decimal Collection October began offering a historic five-coin collection that contains pre-decimal copper coins struck at The Perth Mint between 1940 and 1964.

Unlike new, commemorative, silver or gold coin products that are common from government Mints, these coins have traveled through many hands and are in choice circulated condition with signs of wear. For these coins, it's about their history. According to the Mint's website,


The Perth Mint began striking pre-decimal coinage on an annual basis from 1940.  Producing many millions of copper coins, the historic Mint struck pennies and halfpennies for King George VI and Queen Elizabeth II, as well as the unique King George VI 1946 Shilling. 


The five-coin set contains examples of these historic denominations and are encapsulated within a 'Coins of The Perth Mint' presentation folder with information for each coin type.

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The Rare Coin Company Set to Secure “Holy Grail” of Australian Numismatics

The Rare Coin Company LogoQueensland, Australia. The Rare Coin Company is poised to set yet another world record when it bids to acquire the very first Australian Commonwealth Banknote ever printed, the 1913 Ten Shilling note.

Rob Jackman, the Company’s founder will attend the International Auction Galleries auction at the Sofitel Hotel Gold Coast in Queensland on Sunday 9th of March 2008 from 3pm. It is estimated that the banknote is valued at $1.3 to $1.4 million dollars and that the auction will attract a number of major coin dealers and private collectors.

If successful, this will be the second time in less than four months that The Rare Coin Company has set a new world record for the price paid for an Australian banknote at public auction. In November 2007, the Company paid $1,223,250 dollars for an Australian 1924 George V One Thousand Pound banknote, which was sold at auction by Nobles Numismatics in Sydney.

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