First Fidelity Reserve has announced today the launch of its new coin web site dedicated to coins described in the book "The Money of the Bible." The site is named after the book and provides information on Tyre Shekel or "Judas Coins" — coins believed to be the same type offered to Judas for betraying […]

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New, and ancient, commemorative coins to celebrate Israel’s 60th anniversary This copyrighted article was written by Moti Bassok and was republished with the permission of Haaretz. Coin collectors can celebrate the 60th anniversary of the State of Israel with limited numbers of new commemorative coins: in one-, two- and 10-shekel denominations. The modern coins were […]


A silver coin that was used to pay the half shekel head-tax to the Temple was found in the main drainage channel of Jerusalem from the Second Temple Period. This coming Thursday, before reading the Scroll of Esther, all devote Jews will contribute a sum of money – “a reminder of the half shekel” – […]


by Hillel Fendel ( More than a year after it was first announced, the Bank of Israel has issued a new 2-shekel coin on Sunday – the first change in Israeli currency in nearly 20 years. Children will undoubtedly introduce it into the popular Chanukah game of spinning a top called a dreidel, in which […]

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