Thursday, March 4, 2021
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Mother’s Day Centennial Commemorative Coin Proposed

Mother's Day Commemorative Coin MockupIf two U.S. senators have their way, in a few years you may be giving your mother a silver coin for Mother's Day rather than the traditional card, flowers or candy. They propose a commemorative silver dollar to celebrate the event.

Senator Jay Rockefeller [D-WV] and Senator Robert C. Byrd [WV], the longest serving senator in history at age 90, introduced a new bill on April 17, 2008 that seeks the creation of a commemorative silver dollar to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Mother's Day.

The bill, S. 2883, is entitled the Mother's Day Centennial Commemorative Coin Act and calls for 400,000 silver $1 coins to be minted in 2014 — six years into the future.

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