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A bill directing the U.S. Mint to issue 350,000 $1 silver commemorative coins in 2010 honoring disabled veterans was officially presented to President Bush yesterday, July 7. H.R. 634 passed in the House and Senate last month and was cleared for the White House on June 18. With its official move yesterday, no more steps […]

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Coin Legislation on Capital BuildingCommemorative coins honoring disabled American veterans are almost assured with recent action in the Senate.

House bill H.R. 634, titled American Veterans Disabled for Life Commemorative Coin Act, calls for a total of 350,000 silver dollar proof and uncirculated coins in 2010.

The bill easily passed in May of 2007 by a House vote of 416 to 0. It was quickly moved into the Senate for consideration, but in typical legislative fashion it settled soundly in committee awaiting either complete and forever forgetfulness, or action. Action won-over on May 20.

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