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Royal Australian Mint Releases 2012 Numismatic Product Schedule and Pre-Order Program

Royal Australian Mint Kangaroo products

The Royal Australian Mint has published its numismatic product schedule for calendar year 2012 which covers its range of product releases from September 2011 through to August 2012. The Mint also released a video describing several of the offerings.

Additionally, the Royal Australian Mint launched a new program entitled "Collection by Selection" where collectors can use a simple order form to pre-order and pre-pay for upcoming products, thereby locking in prices. Collection by Selection orders are automatically shipped when a selected product is released, and ahead of other normal orders [...]

Australia Prince William and Catherine Middleton Royal Engagement Coin Release

Australia Prince William and Catherine Middleton Engagement CoinsAustralia's first official royal engagement coin for Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton will hit the shelves tomorrow at the Royal Australian Mint.

As Australia's official coin producer for 45 years and in keeping with the tradition of celebrating milestones of the Royal Family, the Royal Australian Mint is proud to be releasing these commemorative collectible 50 cent coins to celebrate the engagement of Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton [...]

2011 Australian $1 Uncirculated Coin Features Ram

2011 Australian $1 Ram CoinThe iconic image of a ram's head will once again grace Australia's newest $1 coin as revealed on New Year's Day at the Royal Australian Mint in Canberra.

Originally appearing on the one shilling from 1938 to 1963, the Royal Australian Mint has returned to this familiar design to recognise one of Australia's longest running industries.

"This new $1 ram's head coin design continues our celebration in 2011 of [...]

Royal Australian Mint Releases Ashes Cricket Series Coin

Ashes Cricket Series CoinThe Royal Australian Mint has joined forces with Cricket Australia to release a new coin in celebration of one of the most fiercely contested cricket competitions, the Ashes.

The series is all tied up after Australia beat England in Perth over the weekend, ensuring the Vodafone Boxing Day Test to be a showdown [...]

2011 Kangaroo Allied Rock-Wallaby Gold Coin Sells Out

The release of a super exclusive gold collectible coin, the 2011 Kangaroo Allied Rock-Wallaby, resulted in a close call for the Royal Australian Mint's...

50 Cent Coin Commemorates Australian National Service

The Royal Australian Mint unveiled a new 50 cent coin today which commemorates the 60th anniversary of National Service at the Australian War Memorial...

Melbourne Cup Coins Commemorate 150th Anniversary

Racing fans can now hold a piece of Melbourne Cup memorabilia in their own hands thanks to the release of three collectable coins to...

Coin Production Process Detailed in Royal Australian Mint Exhibit

A new educational display for the Royal Australian Mint's tourist gallery has been presented to the Mint today. The display will further educate students and...

Australian Fred Hollows Inspirational $1 Coin Issued

The life and work of the late Professor Fred Hollows is being celebrated on a new $1 collector coin. It will be released by...

Royal Australian Mint to Host International Mint Directors Conference

In September 2010 the Royal Australian Mint will host the International Mint Directors Conference (MDC 2010) in Canberra. A $30,000 grant from Tourism...

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