Uninspiring jobs data, fear of recession and oil spiking to a historical century mark of $100-per-barrel all helped to bat down stocks for losses this week. The story was different for smiling silver, gold and platinum buyers. The metals were welcomed into and through the new year with fresh and never before seen highs. The […]

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Platinum was the noise of the week in precious metals hitting an all time high on Tuesday with a spot price of $1,519. It faltered ever so slightly since, but still ended Friday at $1,516 an ounce. Gold had a respectable climb for the week and stayed above the $800 rim to close at $810.50. […]


As most analyst expected last week, the Fed lowered interest rates by 25 basis points. Ironically, the expected seemed unexpected to Wall Street as the market reaction soured with disappointment – there was no early Christmas present of a larger cut. Stocks closed lower Friday with renewed inflation worries and the fear it’ll prevent the […]

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Bullion movement was overall uneventful most of the week. More attention was paid to employment and housing reports. Analyst were closely monitoring the data and whispers of the Fed, trying to judge potential interest rate adjustments. Given the latest data, many analysts expect a quarter-point cut next week. For news on these fronts, watch the […]