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19th Annual Penny Harvest Commences

The annual Penny Harvest is now underway with an estimated 500,000 students participating in the 19th year of its operation. Penny Harvest...

Rare 1923 Australian Half Penny Coin Sells for $500,000

Coinworks has just sold the Proof 1923 Halfpenny for a world record price of $500,000. The only proof example of Australia's rarest halfpenny available to collectors, the iconic copper was quickly snapped up by a prominent Sydney family.

Australian Proof 1923 Halfpenny

The family's story is not merely one of Australian history, but how a passion for collecting can comfortably co-exist with informed investment.

One member of the family spearheads the interest in rare coins, that interest commencing at the age of seven when the grandmother died, leaving a small tin of sovereigns. The grandmother's gift seeded a collecting spirit that endures to this day; the sovereigns still part of the family's holding.

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Nearly 3.8 Million Pennies Collected in Colorado by Penny Harvest Students

Penny Harvest centsColorado students in 31 elementary, middle and high schools collected nearly 3.8 million in pennies, or $37,826.02, for local charities during the 18th annual Penny Harvest.

The Penny Harvest is a national program that comes to fruition each fall when children scour their neighborhood in search of pennies.

Collected pennies are tallied toward year's end with youthful philanthropy in full stride as students select charities of their choice to help with cash grants and services.

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18th Annual Penny Harvest Commences

Open your penny jars and start digging through your couch, the 18th annual Penny Harvest is underway and kids need your change. Nearly 500,000 students from across the country have begun scouring for loose pennies and going door-to-door asking for spare cents. But the pennies are not for them, they're for charity. And best of all, Penny Harvest teaches children about their value in working together, sharing and contributing to society.

Penny Harvest Field Photos

From now until Thanksgiving, students between the ages of four and fourteen will call themselves Penny Harvesters as they collect millions of pennies from family, friends and neighbors. All collections are then one hundred percent donated in the form of grants to non-profit organizations student leaders select. From helping the elderly to protecting the environment to over a thousand other worthy charities, the students make the call to where the money goes.

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Americans Favor Penny, Prefer $1 Bill and Don’t Use Presidential Dollar Coins

Penny, Dollar Bill and Dollar CoinA new poll by Harris Interactive® reflects American's favor for the Lincoln penny, its preference for the $1 bill and the uphill battle the U.S. Mint is fighting to get new Presidential $1 coins into daily circulation.

Presidential $1 dollar coins not making it into circulation

For the latter two topics, there has been no shortage of articles within numismatic publications relaying the overwhelming realities of the near impossible task of a dollar coin competing head on with the lighter, and more convenient to use dollar bill. And while the word "many" has been used to describe those who have not yet seen the Presidential $1 coins used in circulation since their 2007 introduction, an overwhelming 75% of Harris Poll respondents say they have not seen a single dollar coin in circulation.

Given the U.S. Mint produced nearly 941 million presidential $1 coins in 2007 alone, or enough for every U.S. man, woman and child to each have three, the 75% figure highlights that while the coins may be attractive to collectors, so far they have not proven practical for use. In that regard, they lose to the paper dollar just like previous $1 coins.

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Canadian Penny Enters Elimination Mix

A new bill was introduced yesterday that proposes the elimination of the Canadian penny. Abolishing a country's smallest denominated coin is not new....

The Penny Debate Continues – Why Keep It?

Is the demise of the Lincoln penny approaching? Public sentiments appears slightly shifted toward its continual survival and the penny is guaranteed...

U.S. Mint Director Ed Moy to Testify Tuesday about Metallic Composition of Coins

United States Mint Director Ed Moy will testify before the House Financial Services Subcommittee tomorrow, March 11. A CoinNews article Friday discussed...

Lincoln Portrait Made by Father and Son Using 2,400 Pennies

Coin collectors are experienced in placing and arranging coins within albums, folders, holders and the like. Many collectors also enjoy showing their collection...

Dale Earnhardt Sr., a Young Girl and a Lucky Penny

Lucky Penny Sometimes there is more to a coin than its intrinsic or collectible value. This is one of those times ...

Dale Earnhardt Sr. had won many races, but never the Daytona 500. That is, until Feb. 15, 1998 and the day after he first met six year old Wessa Miller.

Wessa suffers from Spina Bifida, a disabling birth defect that can lead to a variety of disheartening and life-shortening conditions. Wessa had a dream of meeting Earnhardt and that dream came true through the Make-A-Wish Foundation®.

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