Penny Harvest Field

The annual Penny Harvest is now underway with an estimated 500,000 students participating in the 19th year of its operation. Penny Harvest Field at Rockefeller Center in 2007 (Photos courtesy of Common Cents©) Schools across the nation have signed on to take part in the activity by allowing their students to take an active roll […]


Open your penny jars and start digging through your couch, the 18th annual Penny Harvest is underway and kids need your change. Nearly 500,000 students from across the country have begun scouring for loose pennies and going door-to-door asking for spare cents. But the pennies are not for them, they’re for charity. And best of all, Penny Harvest teaches children about their value in working together, sharing and contributing to society.

Penny Harvest Field Photos

From now until Thanksgiving, students between the ages of four and fourteen will call themselves Penny Harvesters as they collect millions of pennies from family, friends and neighbors. All collections are then one hundred percent donated in the form of grants to non-profit organizations student leaders select. From helping the elderly to protecting the environment to over a thousand other worthy charities, the students make the call to where the money goes.

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