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19th Annual Penny Harvest Commences

The annual Penny Harvest is now underway with an estimated 500,000 students participating in the 19th year of its operation. Penny Harvest...

The Lincoln Cent: Endearing Art Duplicated Over 450 Billion Times

On Monday, August 2, 1909, people lined up at banks and other distribution points in America's major cities. It was an event like the...

2009 Lincoln Cent Formative Years Rolls Set for Release

2009 Lincoln Formative Years CentThe United States Mint on Tuesday officially announced the release date for two-roll sets of the newly designed Lincoln Cent Formative Years -- the second of four pennies to launch in 2009.

The set is priced at $8.95, plus $4.95 for shipping and handling, and will be available at noon ET on Thursday, May 14. There is an order limit of five sets per household.

Like the Lincoln Log Cabin rolls released March 13, the latest offering will includes a roll of 50 coins from Denver with the "D" mintmark and another roll from Philadelphia, where the coins do not carry mintmarks.

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Reminder: 2009 Lincoln Cents at US Mint Store

The 2009 Lincoln Cent Birthplace coin -- the first redesigned Lincoln cent in 50 years -- went into circulation on the 200th anniversary of...

Lincoln Silver Dollar Intro Prices Ending, Sales Near Mintage Limits

Introductory US Mint proof and uncirculated Abraham Lincoln Silver Dollar prices end on Monday, March 16, at 5:00 pm ET. Prices will increase...

2009 Lincoln Cent Rolls for $8.95

2009 Lincoln PennyThe first redesigned 2009 Lincoln Cent will be released in a two-roll set on Friday, March 13, the United States Mint said in a press release Monday.

Coin collectors (and the public enlarge) will be able to buy the first of the four new 2009 Lincoln Pennies -- all of which celebrate the 200th anniversary of Lincoln's birth and the 100 anniversary of the cent -- for $8.95, plus $4.95 for shipping and handling.

The set includes a roll of 50 coins from Denver with the "D" mintmark and another roll from Philadelphia with the "P" mintmark.

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2009 Lincoln Cent Rolls Available Soon

This article was first published on the CoinNews sister site, 2009 Lincoln Pennies.

2009 Lincoln PennyThe United States Mint today updated its Product Release Schedule and has added slots for 2009 Lincoln Penny Rolls.

Here is the schedule (note the general dates for the final three pennies):

Release Dates Roll Sets
3/13/2009 Lincoln Cent Birthplace
Spring Lincoln Cent Formative Years
Summer Lincoln Cent Professional Life
Winter Lincoln Cent Presidency

Up until today, the Mint had not publicly indicated that 2009 Lincoln rolls would be offered. However, the difficulty in finding the new pennies at banks or in circulation led many collectors to assume such an offering would eventually come.

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Rare 1923 Australian Half Penny Coin Sells for $500,000

Coinworks has just sold the Proof 1923 Halfpenny for a world record price of $500,000. The only proof example of Australia's rarest halfpenny available to collectors, the iconic copper was quickly snapped up by a prominent Sydney family.

Australian Proof 1923 Halfpenny

The family's story is not merely one of Australian history, but how a passion for collecting can comfortably co-exist with informed investment.

One member of the family spearheads the interest in rare coins, that interest commencing at the age of seven when the grandmother died, leaving a small tin of sovereigns. The grandmother's gift seeded a collecting spirit that endures to this day; the sovereigns still part of the family's holding.

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PNG President Comments on New Lincoln Cents

(Edina, Minnesota) -- The following brief statement was issued today by the Professional Numismatists Guild regarding the introduction of the first of four new...

Video: First 2009 Lincoln Cent Launched, Each Design

[youtube] The first 2009 Lincoln cent launch and the remaining three penny designs were captured today by a 49 second video...

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