Whether 15-year old Deviprasad Mangaraj lands a Guinness World Record or not is almost beside the point. He’s already landed a huge achievement building a coin collection with over 40,000 coins and from 120 different countries. That, obviously, is no small feat. And for that and his drive, Mangaraj is already known throughout the world […]

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It’s evening, you’ve already browsed around the Internet for your daily online fix, nothing’s good on TV and you’re otherwise bored silly but don’t feel like going out. What do you do? As a collector, there’s something that just feels good about relaxing with a great coin book or magazine in hand. If you’re like […]


We’ve all stored change now and again. But few can claim the prize of hoarding coins for 7 years with the intention of buying a big screen TV and DVD player. That’s exactly what Tim Thraves, a man from Hillsboro, did and plans to do. Real coin collectors or numismatist, those who study and collect […]