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ANA’s 2011 National Coin Week Commemorates the American Civil War

2011 National Coin Week Banner

The theme for next year's 88th annual National Coin Week is "Blue, Gray and Greenbacks."

The 2011 National Coin Week theme will help collectors commemorate the American Civil War and the "numismatic changes and innovations during the conflict." [...]

2010 National Coin Week Theme Selected

"Beautiful Places: Landmarks and Mintmarks" is the theme of 2010 National Coin Week, April 18-24. The theme celebrates the many landmarks and scenic...

Exhibitors Recognized at ANA Portland National Money Show

ANA member Henry Scott Goodman received the Best-in-Show Exhibit Award for his exhibit, "Ludwig Gies: Cast Art Medals from the Great War," at the...

“Lincoln’s Legacy: A Nation United” Chosen as Theme for 2009 National Coin Week

"Lincoln's Legacy: A Nation United" has been chosen as the theme of the 86th annual National Coin Week, April 19-25. The theme, provided by...

ANA Announces 2009 National Coin Week Theme Contest

The American Numismatic Association is calling on its members to provide the theme for the 86th annual National Coin Week, April 19-25, 2009. The...

Grand Prize Drawing Concludes Successful 2008 National Coin Week

Scott McNally of Colorado Springs, Colo., is the grand prize winner in the American Numismatic Association's 2008 National Coin Week national treasure hunt grand...

ANA Presents National Treasure Hunt for 2008 National Coin Week

The American Numismatic Association and the coin collecting community will celebrate the 85th annual National Coin Week, April 20-26, with the theme, “Money Makes...

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