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PCGS Currency Population Report Now Includes Serial Number Blocks

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The newest resource for paper money collectors now is available online.

The population of serial block numbers now is included in the PCGS Currency Population Report, an authoritative listing by grade of more than 250,000 notes authenticated and certified by PCGS Currency (www.PCGScurrency.com) [...]

Redesigned $100 Bill Delayed

The Federal Reserve on Friday, October 1, said the new $100 bill which features a fresh design and a range of enhanced security...

US Government Prints 471 Million Banknotes in August 2010

23.49 million more bills were produced in August as compared to July, the latest round of U.S. currency production figures from the U.S....

US Government Prints 447.8 Million Banknotes in July 2010

The U.S. government printed nearly 100 million fewer bills in July than in June, marking a second straight monthly production decline and the lowest...

New $100 Note Educational Material Available

Wednesday, the U.S. government released the first in a series of educational videos, amplifying public education efforts for the new $100 note, which will...

US Government Prints 547.8 Million Banknotes in June 2010

The U.S. government printed fewer bills in June than in May, making the month the third busiest in 2010, according to figures from...

Heritage Memphis Currency Auction Realizes $5.1 Million

Rare U.S. and World notes make strong showing at International Paper Money Show Dallas, TX -- Heritage Auction Galleries' Currency Signature® Auction held in Memphis,...

US Government Prints 551.68 Million Banknotes in May 2010

The U.S. government printed more money in May than in April, making it the second highest production month of 2010 behind leading March, according...

Heritage Memphis International Paper Money Auction Offers 3,400+ Currency Lots

In conjunction with the Memphis International Paper Money Show, June 17-21 DALLAS, TX -- The Official Currency Auction of the 2010 Memphis International Paper Money...

US Government Prints 519.1 Million Notes in April 2010

BEP Production FiguresThe U.S. government printed less money in April than in March, but more than any other month in 2010, according to the agency responsible for manufacturing U.S. currency. The value of the notes produced in April was also the second highest month this year.

The Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP) on Thursday released the latest production figures for April which show it made $1s, $5s, $20s and $100s -- the same denominations as in March and February. $10s and $50s have not been printed since since June 2009.

Combined, the BEP produced 519,136,000 banknotes that had a total value of $21,735,680,000. By comparison, March figures were 605.952 million notes for over $22.138 billion. February figures came in at 504.476 million notes for just over $14.098 billion, while January registered 487 million notes worth slightly more than $14.1 billion.

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