5-cent nickels contain 75% copper and 25% nickel. 1-cent pennies contain 2.5% copper with the remaining zinc. The price of these metals have each gone up significantly and for over a year now, their melt value has been worth more than their real value. Or, more to the point, it costs the U.S. government more […]


January 8, 2008, Los Angeles, CA – Los Angeles based American Elements announced today the launch of AE Bullion™. The new product group will mint certified high purity coins and bars from approximately sixty advanced, rare and less common metals for short and long term physical investment. Metals include rhodium, tellurium, indium, hafnium, scandium and […]


CoinNews readers come from over 120 different countries and use a variety of national currencies. Although we often list coins with their prices, it’s simply not feasible to itemize their price per country. However, we can and have added a currency converter for over 164 currencies and 3 metals (silver, gold and platinum). The currency […]

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It’s been an interesting week for precious metals. In particular, the flurry in gold has many experts now predicting it’ll soon eclipse the all-time high. In the same instance, many are hedging their bets by declaring the possibility of an eventual and painful price correction. Above is the chart showing this week’s London Fix […]


So says Democrat Congressman Zack Space of Ohio who’s trying to help a company within his district. The company, Jackson Metals, would melt pennies for their copper content. Helping businesses is hard to fault. But is newly proposed legislation that would benefit companies like Jackson Metals and change coinage laws the right thing to do? […]