Smythe, New York’s Oldest Dealer and Auctioneer in Coins, Paper Money, Antique Stocks and Bonds and Autographs London, England. — Spink, the world’s leading auctioneers of Coins, Stamps, Medals and Banknotes, Bonds and Share Certificates, based in London and established 1666, has acquired R.M. Smythe & Company, specialists in Antique Stocks and Bonds, Banknotes, Coins, […]


Rocketing fuel costs, bad housing news, inflation and recession debates, interest rate adjustments or lack of, a volatile stock market … 2007 has been an interesting one. Then there’s the shiny stuff … precious metals. They performed in absolute style for 2007 and provided a year of a different type of excitement. Anyone who started […]

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Analyzing the effort to reward ratio of creating counterfeit coins and then successfully getting them into daily circulation would seem to forestall an attempt to actually do it. Unless you have a mint-style facility with all the necessary equipment, materials and staff at your disposal, the work required to phony up fake coins is an […]

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It could be the largest coin ever, coming in at a weight of 12 tons, a height of 7 meters (~23ft) and a depth of 70 cm (~2.3ft). You could stand from a very long distance away and still make out its golden color, royal portrait and finely detailed rim. You’d probably say it looks […]