The European Central Bank (ECB) said yesterday that the switch from the Cyprus pound and Maltese liri to the euro is completed. During the transition period, the euro or legacy currencies could be used in making payments. Feb. 1, 2008 marked the date where the euro became the only allowed legal tender currency for both […]

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The world’s first pyramid shaped coin makes its debut today. The three-sided coin is so uniquely shaped that you wouldn’t carry it around in your pocket. You certainly could, if you didn’t mind the pointed edges poking your thighs. And the new coin is legal tender by the Isle of Man government. However, it’s not […]


It’s a Sen-sible move. The cost of the Malaysia one Sen coin is too much to bear compared to the value of its use. Similar to the U.S. Lincoln penny, Malaysia’s smallest coin costs more to make than its worth and its buying power has made the coin less attractive in day-to-day usage. While the […]