Imagine selling your home and the buyer comes to the closing toting a 30 pound briefcase containing $400,000 in South African gold Krugerrand coins. That’s exactly what happened in Sarasota, Florida. In the residential purchase contract, the buyer and seller — both Americans — agreed to the gold transaction for a $1 million home. In […]


There were reported accounts of over 30 gold coins donated in Salvation Army kettles.Dozens of Salvation Army bell ringers experienced an amplified feelings of generosity from gift givers this year. There were reported accounts of over 30 gold coins donated in Salvation Army kettles.

There’s likely many more. It’s nearly impossible to track special coin donations on the national scale through news accounts.

Anonymous donors in the Chicago area alone have reportedly given at least 15 gold and nearly 60 silver coins. Although each was given by someone with a generous heart, most don’t make the news as there’s no face and resulting story to associate with the person giving.

And let’s not forget, the bread and butter of the red kettle campaign comes through the donations of every day people providing a bit of their pocket change before entering or leaving a store. There’s hundreds of thousands of storied to be told.

But still, it’s interesting to take in the uniqueness of kettle gifts that have included platinum, gold, silver and rare coins, gold bars, nuggets, rolled $100 dollar bills, rings, and even a gold tooth here and there.

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Earlier in the month we started to report on news accounts of generous people dropping gold coins into Salvation Army kettles throughout the US. Unfortunately, we had to stop. People were just being too generous and we couldn’t keep up! This time of the year often brings out the best in people, but it’s my […]


Earlier this week a generous and anonymous donor placed a one-half ounce American Gold Eagle coin into a Salvation Army kettle. More reports of kind-hearted donations dropped into the traditional red kettles have followed. Today, the Sioux City Journal reported donations of a quarter-ounce gold South African Krugerrand turning up outside a Kmart on Monday […]