The Israel Antiquities Authority in late December announced the discovery of 264 ancient gold coins in Jerusalem National Park. The find was described as "one of the largest and most impressive coin hoards ever discovered in Jerusalem." British archaeologist volunteer, Nadine Ross, uncovered the ancient coins at an excavation site and within the ruins of […]


A Hoard Comprising Hundreds of Gold Coins was Uncovered in the Excavations the Israel Antiquities Authority is Conducting at the ‘Giv’ati Car Park’ in the City of David, in the Walls Around Jerusalem National Park.

Ancient Gold Coin Hoard Discovered by Israel ArchaeologistsOne thousand three hundred year old Chanukah money in Jerusalem: a hoard of more than 250 gold coins was exposed Sunday in the excavations the Israel Antiquities Authority is conducting in the Giv ‘ati car park in the City of David, in the Walls Around Jerusalem National Park.

The excavations at the site are being carried out on behalf of the Israel Antiquities Authority, in cooperation with the Nature and Parks Authority and are underwritten by the ‘Ir David Foundation.

Since the archaeological excavations began there about two years ago, they have not ceased in providing us with surprising discoveries that shed new light on different chapters of the city’s past. Currently a very large and impressive building is being uncovered that dates to about the seventh century CE (end of the Byzantine period-beginning of the Umayyad period). A large cache of 264 coins, all made of gold, was discovered among the ruins of the building.

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A silver coin that was used to pay the half shekel head-tax to the Temple was found in the main drainage channel of Jerusalem from the Second Temple Period. This coming Thursday, before reading the Scroll of Esther, all devote Jews will contribute a sum of money – “a reminder of the half shekel” – […]