Industry Council for Tangible Assets

GoldLeaders of three coin and precious metals hobby and professional groups are praising the Federal Trade Commission for acting on their suggested changes to the FTC’s 2010 online consumer advisory entitled "Investing in Gold? What’s the Rush?"

Some hobby and trade leaders were concerned that the original advisory contained some language that might be detrimental to reputable gold dealers and discourage collectors from acquiring gold coinage […]


(Fallbrook, California) – Chinese-made counterfeit coins pose a significant financial threat to unsuspecting consumers, according to leaders of five of the country’s most influential rare coin organizations. They warn the public is spending millions of dollars on fake U.S. coins offered in online auctions and elsewhere, such as flea markets and swap meets. This counterfeit […]


(Long Beach, California) – Leaders of five of the hobby and profession’s most influential organizations are launching a multi-pronged consumer awareness and protection campaign against counterfeit numismatic items sold and imported from China and elsewhere. The organizations in alphabetical order are the American Numismatic Association (ANA), the Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA), Numismatic Guaranty […]


Last Minute Amendment Could Have Shut Down Precious Metals Coin Dealers ICTA recently helped defeat an 11th hour proposal that would have put precious metals dealers under the jurisdiction of the CFTC which may also have led to federal licensing and further regulation of the industry. In late April, during Senate consideration of the 2008 […]

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