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Supreme Court: ‘In God We Trust’ Motto Remains on Coins and Currency

Lincoln Cent - In God We TrustThe "In God We Trust" motto seen on American coins and currency survived another legal challenge brought about by those seeking its removal.

On Monday, March 7, the United States Supreme Court denied a petition to hear the matter on the inclusion of "In God We Trust" on American money, leaving a lower court's ruling in place stating it could remain [...]

‘In God We Trust’ to Stay on Coins and Currency, Says Court

Lincoln Cent - In God We TrustThe motto "In God We Trust" on United States coinage can remain, according to a recent opinion of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals (http://www.ca9.uscourts.gov/).

The three-judge court panel ruled unanimously that the inscription could stay on both coins and currency, rejecting arguments saying the motto violates the separation of church and state.

Michael Newdow of Sacramento, California had brought about the suit calling the constitutionality of the motto on American coins into question on the basis that it violates the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment.

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Presidential $1 Coins: ‘In God We Trust’ Motto Moves in 2009. Are Coin Edge-Letterings Gone Forever?

A flood of stories has appeared regarding the forthcoming movement of "In God We Trust" from the edge to the face of Presidential $1 Coins. They all started with President Bush's signing of the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2008.

A newly signed law amends old changing the location of 'In God We Trust' from the $1 coin’s edge to one its faces. (U.S. Mint images)

CoinNews wrote about the legislative scrutiny in changing the motto's location, expected the signing of the final legislation, reported about it minutes after it was signed and then surmised that the Presidential Dollar coins would not see change until 2009.

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President Signs H.R. 2764 into Law: New Quarters for 2009 and Relocation of ‘In God We Trust’ Motto

Today, Dec. 26, President George Bush signed into law H.R. 2764, the Consolidated Appropriations Act 2008. While the President was unhappy with...

Six New Quarters Coming, ‘In God We Trust’ Motto Moving

In a blaze of actions and to get home for the holidays, the Senate and House tossed together a several hundred page bill named, The Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2008. The bill has been given to the President and while there's no guarantee, the signing of it seems likely.

Even with the latest and greatest computer, the digital document takes seconds to load. Reading it in its entirety... well, that's hours of tedium. Thanks to modern search tools, quicker inspection is possible. And upon review, the bill contains a few nuggets of interest for coin collectors.

Six new state quarters added for 2009

SEC. 622 amends the law to include six more "state" quarters in 2009. The word, state, is in quotes as the new quarters are really for districts and territories. To cut to the chase, the six new quarters are for:

  • The District of Columbia
  • The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico
  • Guam
  • American Samoa
  • The United States Virgin Islands
  • The Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands

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‘In God We Trust’ Motto Faces New Legislative Scrutiny

The new Presidential $1 coins and the words "In God We Trust" are back in debate. A new legislative bill, S.2417, has been placed...

Facing Facts with Presidential $1 Coins, Their Design & Their Future

Curiosity and enthusiasm gets jolted into overdrive when an always changing coin series comes out. You don't need to look further than...

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