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US Mint Raises Platinum and Gold Collector Coin Prices

United States Mint Gold Collector CoinsPrices are now higher for United States Mint platinum and gold coins produced for coin collectors. The Mint raised them as a result of rising metal values.

Coin prices can get adjusted weekly based on the Mint's product pricing policy and the direction of precious metals. Those metals have been volatile, but they had managed to maintain an average which had kept coins at their same prices since October 12 -- the last of six straight weekly adjustments [...]

Gigantic Coin Unveiling Launches New Dollar Coin Commemorating the Centenary of Scouts in Australia

Australian Ceremony for Scout Centenary Coin The Royal Australian Mint kicked off the introduction of a new circulating one dollar coin and a series of new collector coins with a gigantic and symbolic coin commemorating the Centenary of Scouts Australia.

The model coin was the largest ever produced by the Mint at an impressive 400 times the size of the normal one dollar circulating coin.

Its unveiling appropriately took place in front of a group of children and young adults who represented various scouting groups across Australia.

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Japanese 1880 ¥2 Gold Coin Auctioned for ¥32.1 Million

An 1880 Japanese gold coin with a face value of ¥2 was expected to sell for millions when auctioned by Japan's Finance Ministry. An...

Legislation Introduced for United States Army Commemorative Coins

Recognizing United States Army

A newly introduced Senate bill would create commemorative coins to celebrate the establishment of United States Army, its heritage and role and to honor the men and women who serve and have served.

The bill was first introduced on January 30, 2008, by Senator Daniel K. Inouye [D-HI] and cosponsored by Senator James M. Inhofe [R-OK].

As is typical for commemorative coin legislation, few details of the coin design are provided outside required inscriptions and general guidelines. Should the bill become law without changes, the coins would be minted and sold by the United States Mint in 2011.

The legislation is S. 2579 and titled, United States Army Commemorative Coin Act of 2008. It would create three commemorative coins:

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Royal Canadian Mint Displays Record-Breaking Gold Coin in United Arab Emirates

Over the weekend the Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) exhibited the world's largest gold coin in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The Guinness World Record...

Archaeologists Find Old Gold Coin Worth $45,000 in Latrine at Construction Site

[googlemaps,+San+Antonio,+Bexar,+Texas,+United+States&sll=29.424722,-98.493762&sspn=0.009158,0.023389&ie=UTF8&cd=1&geocode=0,29.424640,-98.493770&t=h&om=0&s=AARTsJrO7nUrhBfRXnqOzeMraK6SubI8qQ&ll=29.42468,-98.493499&spn=0.000818,0.001073&z=18&output=embed&w=200&h=175] Archaeologists don't expect to find gold in the middle of a downtown city, but that's exactly what they did find. Main Plaza is...

2008 American Bald Eagle Coins: Prices, Designs and Information

Vibrant American Bald Eagle coin designs were released December 5th, 2007 and the US Mint pulled away the curtains to offer them for sale on January 15, 2008.

2008 American Bald Eagle Recovery and National Emblem Commemorative Coin Program Shown are the initial designs and final coins. (United States Mint images)

A $5 gold coin, a $1 silver coin and a half-dollar clad coin all honor the American Bald Eagle in 2008. These three coins are also issued in special commemorate Proof and Uncirculated versions. Information, high quality coin images, prices and ordering information are below.

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Gold Coin Found in Donation Kettle

It's always nice to hear about the generosity of one's neighbors. It's perhaps more special -- and certainly unique -- for collectors when you...

Pizza-sized 24-Karate Gold Coin for Sale

It’s been nearly a month since first discussed, as I initially described, “The Million Dollar Wonder Coins”. They were made by...

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