Top 20 Coin SitesThere are thousands and thousands of coin sites on the Internet. Many of them are outstanding while others have been dead for months and years. It’s the sheer quantity and their varying degrees of completion – or, incompleteness to be more exact – that make it more difficult to find some of the gems out there.

It’s my hope you’ll discover at least one or two new sites or "gems" to frequent after reading this.

The criteria for coin sites listed

First and foremost, this list isn’t completely fair. It doesn’t and can’t list every coin related site that offers terrific information or services for coin collectors. To keep the list manageable, I set up a few conditions. Each site had to:

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(Fallbrook, California) – The Professional Numismatists Guild (PNG) will conduct a series of free, educational “Share the Knowledge” seminars for collectors and dealers at coin shows around the country during 2008.  The first in the series of programs will be held during the Long Beach Coin, Stamp & Collectibles Expo in February.   “The PNG […]


Inflation touches every purchase and knowing its affects can be insightful and interesting. Especially when it’s compared over time – past to present, or anytime between. It’s that measurement that can now be seen through’s Inflation Calculator. Is this a tool specifically for coins and collecting? The obvious answer is no. It’s broader. However, […]

{ 0 comments } is happy to announce the addition of a new service to its website. As requested by many readers, an eNewsletter has been added. The eNewsletter is FREE and only requires an e-mail address to subscribe. Here are a few things to expect with a subscription: Coin and numismatic news snapshots, articles and occasional […]


It’s not exactly unusual to find free offers. They’re everywhere – TV, direct mail, e-mail, and all around the Internet. Usually it’s clear or least understood that anything "free" comes with some sort of sacrifice. You’re likely to spend your time, money or both BEFORE you get ANYTHING for free. There are many examples of […]

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