Thursday, March 4, 2021
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Tag: Fiji coins

New Fiji Circulating Coins Revealed

[googlemaps,178.17627&spn=4.707071,4.943848&z=6&output=embed&w=225&h=200] The Reserve Bank of Fiji (RFB) on Thursday unveiled lighter and smaller 5c, 10c, 20c, 50c and $1 coins. The series of coins...

Fiji Reserve Bank Clarifies Coin Eliminations

[googlemaps,178.17627&spn=4.707071,4.943848&z=6&output=embed&w=225&h=200] The Reserve Bank of Fiji's new awareness campaign promoting the modernization of coins and the elimination of the one and...

Fiji Promotes New Coinage, to Lose One and Two-Cent Coins

[googlemaps,178.17627&spn=4.707071,4.943848&z=6&output=embed&w=225&h=200] The Reserve Bank of Fiji launched a national awareness campaign on Thursday promoting upcoming changes to Fiji's coinage structure. Deputy Governor Mr. Sada...

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