Sunday, February 28, 2021
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Odyssey Strikes Gold Twice in Week: TV Deal, Two New Shipwrecks

Odyssey over world treasure mapU.S. treasure hunting company Odyssey Marine Exploration struck gold twice in a single week. The company announced Thursday it had discovered new shipwreck sites near the English Channel containing Colonial period artifacts.

That announcement came on the heels of Tuesday's revelation that Odyssey's adventures will be spotlighted on a Discovery Channel shipwreck series that will be seen around the world.

Odyssey has been fighting a huge legal battle with Spain over ownership of 17-tons of Colonial-era coins recovered in May of 2007. While those legal battles will wage on with several hundred million at stake, the latest news from Odyssey is fortuitous in its timing.

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Odyssey Shipwreck Expeditions Set for Prime Time TV Series on Discovery Channel

Divers Searching Shipwreck SiteWhile many coin collectors are familiar with Odyssey Marine Exploration's shipwreck offerings and their legal battle with Spain over the 17-ton bounty of Colonial-era silver and gold coins discovered last year, the world will soon see them in a new light — a 11-part HD TV series on the Discovery Channel.

Emmy® Award-winning JWM Productions will produce the prime time series set for a worldwide audience release in 2009. Production of the TV series is said to begin immediately.

Given the combined excitement of shipwrecks and potential treasure finds, and the past success of Discovery Channel content and JWM Productions, the series is sure to be engaging and revealing. With promises of "brave high seas, heavy weather, political red tape, courtroom clashes, and underwater HD video of shipwreck discoveries," the series could potentially be a smash-hit.

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