Counterfeit Coins or Banknotes

The number of counterfeit euro coins increased in 2007 by 29% over 2006. The European Commission reported 211,000 counterfeit coins were pulled from circulation by authorities compared to 163,800 in 2006. The coin counterfeited the most was the 2-euro, which accounted for over 85% of the total. Overall, approximately 585,000 counterfeit coins have been take […]

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The Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) has confirmed the existence of counterfeit replica holders.Today, Jan. 7, the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) has confirmed the existence of counterfeit replica holders.

NGC was founded in 1987 to objectively provide third party grades to coins. Coins sent to NGC are analyzed, graded, recorded and then encapsulated in tamper resistant, protective holders.

While there are several coin grading services in existence, NGC is considered to be one of the top two – PCGS being the other.

Counterfeiting certified coin holders is not new. Those who do it and are willing to risk jail time victimize the unsuspecting buyer into paying a large amount of money for a coin that may also be counterfeit, or not at the grade the fake holder indicates.

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Analyzing the effort to reward ratio of creating counterfeit coins and then successfully getting them into daily circulation would seem to forestall an attempt to actually do it. Unless you have a mint-style facility with all the necessary equipment, materials and staff at your disposal, the work required to phony up fake coins is an […]

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The verdict isn’t in on whether counterfeit coins were used earlier this month at a local McDonald’s restaurant in Macomb, Illinois. The boy who used them was given the four Presidential $1 Coins as a gift from his grandparents. They were special proof versions, which are made for collectors, and have a current value of […]