Collecting Coins

Young collectors of today have a unique perspective in collecting coins compared to what many of us experienced while growing up. Think of the Internet. How easy is it to take for granted the huge resources the Internet has provided in researching coins, buying and selling them and simply keeping in touch with events and […]


Today, November 27, the United States Mint released pictures of how the last state commemorative quarters will look. 2008 is the final year for the highly successful 50 State Quarters® Program – a program that has stimulated the excitement and the coin collecting spirit into millions. The final five quarters and their pictures as shown […]


We’ve all stored change now and again. But few can claim the prize of hoarding coins for 7 years with the intention of buying a big screen TV and DVD player. That’s exactly what Tim Thraves, a man from Hillsboro, did and plans to do. Real coin collectors or numismatist, those who study and collect […]


There’s nothing better than some variety between coins to peak a person’s interest and excitement. The 50 State Quarters® and new Presidential $1 Coins highlight how changing a coin’s design every few months can kindle passion with at least collectors. What’s your excitement level when a batch of coins gets minted but a percentage of […]


I was up late channel surfing one night when I happened to come upon the very beginning of one of those TV coin shows. The host was quickly previewing several of the coins that would be discussed during the show. I must admit, my annoyance swelled up just as quickly! The preview prices were much […]

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