Sunday, February 28, 2021
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CoinNews Launches “World Mint Coins”

San Antonio, TX -- Mike Unser, founder and president of CoinNews Media Group LLC, announced today the introduction of World Mint Coins, a...

Is the U.S. Penny and Nickel Worth Keeping? 60 Minutes Asks.

5-cent nickels contain 75% copper and 25% nickel. 1-cent pennies contain 2.5% copper with the remaining zinc. The price of these metals...

International Currency Converter Added to CoinNews Site

CoinNews readers come from over 120 different countries and use a variety of national currencies. Although we often list coins with their prices,...

CoinNews Goes Mobile: Coin News for Cell Phones and Mobility Devices

CoinNews is now available via wireless mobility devices and Web-enabled phones.CoinNews is now available via wireless mobility devices and Web-enabled phones. CoinNews provides the information you need to keep in touch with the market while you're on the go, including:

  • Coin or Numismatic News
  • Google News and Tools (Google web search, top news headlines and driving directions)

Steps to get coin news on your phone, PDA or other mobile device

To get CoinNews on your PDA, Web-enabled phone or other mobile device, simply follow these directions:

  1. Open the mini-browser on your phone or device
  2. Choose the option where you can enter a URL and type:

  3. Bookmark the site so you can receive your coin news and information quickly

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Happy New Year!

CoinNews would like to give our Best Wishes to Everyone for 2008. While it's tempting to relay the exploits of CoinNews in 2007 and...

CoinNews is Adding Embedded Numismatic and Coin Collecting News

We've made the decision to test the addition of content by offering aggregated articles from world-wide news organizations. These are unlike...

Recapping Last Week’s Numismatic News Headlines

Last week was a robust week for coin news. Before launching into the week's new cycle of news, it may be worthwhile to take...

CoinNews Site Enhancements

CoinNews has implemented several site enhancements since Sunday, Dec. 16. To point those out as well as coming changes, here is a short listing...

CoinNews Launches Beta Mobility Site

(San Antonio, Texas) — CoinNews, an online source for numismatic news, information and coin collector services, has announced the ...

Sales Begin for the US Mint’s 10th Anniversary American Eagle Platinum Coins

As a quick reminder, the United States Mint started selling the 10th Anniversary American Eagle Platinum coins at noon (EST) today. There's definite interest...

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