Is the demise of the Lincoln penny approaching? Public sentiments appears slightly shifted toward its continual survival and the penny is guaranteed to be around for the next several years. The newly designed pennies for 2009 celebrating the bicentennial birth of Lincoln will see to that by itself. But is sentiment for the penny changing […]


The First to be Assembled with the Common Reverses. To be Offered by Heritage Auction Galleries at the Baltimore ANA1792 Disme, Judd-10, High R.6, PR62 Brown NGC. Ex: Judd

Dallas, TX. The Ed Price Collection, an incomparable variety collection of early Dimes and Quarter Eagles, valued over $4 million, will be auctioned by Heritage Auction Galleries at their Official Auction of the Baltimore ANA, July 30-Aug. 2, 2008.


Only one complete collection of draped bust dimes by variety had previously been assembled (Allen F. Lovejoy’s, sold in 1990), and only one complete collection of early quarter eagles (1796-1807) by variety had previously been assembled (by Harry Bass – now on display at ANA Museum).

Heritage is proud to present the Ed Price Collection, a complete collection by variety of both the early dimes and quarter eagles, featuring the common reverse dies, such as has never before been assembled.

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The Britannia image has been on British coins for centuries. But no longer. For the first time in more than 300 years, the figure of Britannia will not appear on new British coins. The image first appeared on the copper farthing back in 1672. And like Lady Liberty is for the US, the Britannia image […]


In a blaze of actions and to get home for the holidays, the Senate and House tossed together a several hundred page bill named, The Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2008. The bill has been given to the President and while there’s no guarantee, the signing of it seems likely.

Even with the latest and greatest computer, the digital document takes seconds to load. Reading it in its entirety… well, that’s hours of tedium. Thanks to modern search tools, quicker inspection is possible. And upon review, the bill contains a few nuggets of interest for coin collectors.

Six new state quarters added for 2009

SEC. 622 amends the law to include six more "state" quarters in 2009. The word, state, is in quotes as the new quarters are really for districts and territories. To cut to the chase, the six new quarters are for:

  • The District of Columbia
  • The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico
  • Guam
  • American Samoa
  • The United States Virgin Islands
  • The Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands

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The emergence of Internet on-demand videos has not only provided the excitement of action-packed movies that can be viewed straight from your computer, but the availability of interesting, educational and free video content. While coinage related video content is somewhat scarce in the numismatic world, there are indeed a few gems out there. The History […]


The new Presidential $1 coins and the words "In God We Trust" are back in debate. A new legislative bill, S.2417, has been placed on the table and seeks changes to the motto’s placement. Since the beginning of its mintage, the new dollar coin has faced extra scrutiny due solely to those powerful words, or […]


Ottawa, Ontario, December 13, 2007  – The Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) is crediting its patented multi-ply plating technology for a record year in its foreign circulation business line. The Mint’s Winnipeg, Manitoba facility has already set a new production volume record with one month left to go in 2007, having struck almost 1.2 billion multi-ply […]


The Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee (CCAC) was created to help in the recommendation and selection of new United States Minted coins and medals. For anyone who loves art, designing, collecting or history, becoming a member of the CCAC could be a dream come true. And for two people, that dream could turn into reality as […]


Take the new two-click poll on the CoinNews website asking that very question (found in the upper right). Surprisingly, at least so far, results have been close to evenly mixed. Compared to the U.S., interesting and different dynamics are in play with other countries and their small change. Several countries are actually suffering through serious […]


Last week was Queen Elizabeth’s and Prince Philip’s 60th – the Diamond – Wedding Anniversary. Anyone’s 60th wedding anniversary deserves some news time and a shout of congratulations. A royal 60th anniversary is on a completely different scale. And perhaps more so deserved as it was the first diamond wedding anniversary in British royal history. […]