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Circulating Coin Production Update: Charts by US Mint Facility (1999-2009)

Coin production chart collageThe US Mint has updated coin production figures through to April 2009, and the data indicates a further slide for circulating change.

Rather than offer a hodge-podge of numbers that make it difficult to see and compare mintage levels for modern coinage, the included charts visually show trends for a quick analysis.

The US Mint has already said fewer coins will be struck this year. Had the Mint remained silent, it would still be a simple deduction to realize that 2009-dated pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters should be much, much scarcer.

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From Penny to Dollar, U.S. Coin Production Declines in 2008

Coin production chart collageU.S. Mint circulating coin production is down across the board based on a current pace that should see about 10.1 billion coins minted in 2008. That compares to 14.4 billion coins issued in 2007 and over 15 billion in years 2006 and 2005. In fact, at the current rate, 2008 coin output will end at its lowest level in at least the last ten years.

The Mint's first release of production figures for 2008 reported 3.2 billion coins struck through April. The newest figures indicated 6.7 billion coins were minted through August, or about 842 million coins on average per month. The comparison charts shown below provide the best visual evidence of the declines at both Mint facilities in Denver and Philadelphia.

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Circulating Coin Production Charts by United Sates Mint Facility

Circulating US coins are produced by the United Sates Mint facilities in Denver and Philadelphia. Most everyone is familiar with the "P" and "D"...

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