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Silver and Gold Coins Offering Exceptional Value Over History

Silver is fast approaching $20 an ounce and crossed over a 27 year high this week. Signs would seem to indicate there is a...

Ron Paul Introduces ‘Tax-Free Gold Act of 2008’

While Congressman Ron Paul is running for President, he is also attempting to create new law. On February 13, 2008, Mr. Paul...

Lincoln Portrait Made by Father and Son Using 2,400 Pennies

Coin collectors are experienced in placing and arranging coins within albums, folders, holders and the like. Many collectors also enjoy showing their collection...

Are Dollar Coins Making a Comeback?

Video of Presidential $1 Coins used in Wal-MartNew Presidential $1 Coins are certainly a hit with many collectors, but their acceptance elsewhere since they were first introduced in 2007 has been slow.

Frightening slow... and very similar to previous failed attempts at thrusting dollar coins into the publics hands.

Like the Susan B. Anthony and Sacagawea golden dollars, Presidential $1 coins face a daunting and nearly impossible task of competing with the one dollar bill.

Regardless of the historical and interesting aspects of any dollar coin, handling and using paper bills in every day life is simply too convenient. When it comes to the dollar, most people want to use and receive paper in transactions, not coin.

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Coin Collecting Supply Company “Wizard Coin Supply” Launches New Website

Oakton, VA — Wizard Coin Supply, a global provider of coin collecting supplies, recently launched its new website at offering...

Add Numismatic News to Your Site

Some sites are successful by simply aggregating and centralizing news written by other organizations. Their sites become stickier for visitors because of the uniqueness...

Missing U.S. Mint ‘Certificate of Authenticity’ Worried Coin Collector. What is It?

A Los Gatos, California coin collector collects United States Mint coin sets. Like many grandfathers, he purchases coins for his grandchildren. Because they...

400th Anniversary Santa Fe Gold and Silver Coins Introduced

New Mexico lawmakers introduced new legislation that would create coins commemorating the 400th anniversary of Santa Fe. Santa Fe, New Mexico,...

NGC Confirms Counterfeit Replica Coin Holders

The Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) has confirmed the existence of counterfeit replica holders.Today, Jan. 7, the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) has confirmed the existence of counterfeit replica holders.

NGC was founded in 1987 to objectively provide third party grades to coins. Coins sent to NGC are analyzed, graded, recorded and then encapsulated in tamper resistant, protective holders.

While there are several coin grading services in existence, NGC is considered to be one of the top two - PCGS being the other.

Counterfeiting certified coin holders is not new. Those who do it and are willing to risk jail time victimize the unsuspecting buyer into paying a large amount of money for a coin that may also be counterfeit, or not at the grade the fake holder indicates.

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COINage Magazine: January Articles and 2008 Forecasts Worth the Read

The coin forecasts and top picks that appear around the new year provide interesting insights. In making a prediction for any single coin, there's...

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