Sunday, February 28, 2021
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In The Lead – Till Debt Do US Part

Bullion BarsMost members of the precious metals team started the midweek session a tad higher this morning; however their initial gains did not endure and the complex soon slipped into the red (except in the case of palladium, as of this writing).

Spot gold opened with a feeble gain of 70 cents per ounce and was quoted at $1,589.50 in New York. Within the first 20 minutes of trading the yellow metal approached its overnight lows near the $1,582.00 mark however.

Silver started the day on the downside, showing a 29-cent loss at the $38.72 level per ounce. The near [...]

Precious Metals Decline as Oil and Stocks Plunge

New York precious metals futures fell Wednesday along with oil and stocks. While gold declined just 50 cents in its fifth straight day of...

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