Monday, March 8, 2021
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First Bicentennial Ike Dollar "Waffle" Coin Found

The first known 1976 Bicentennial design Eisenhower dollar "waffle coin" has been reported by Brian Hendelson, President of Waffle Coin Co. of Bridgewater, New Jersey.  It was discovered during the continuing examination of Mint-canceled coins obtained by Classic Coin in 2003, each with the distinctive corrugated, waffle-like pattern left by the Mint's cancellation process,

1976 Bicentennial design Eisenhower dollar "waffle coin"


"It is a Variety Two, dual-dated 1776-1976 Philadelphia Mint Ike dollar, and the first Bicentennial Ike discovered as a Mint-cancelled coin.  I got pretty excited when I realized what I was holding," said Hendelson.  "It's the only one I've ever found."

"The mint takes in coins for exchange that are also waffle canceled. This is, thus far, the only Bicentennial dollar we are aware of that has gone through this cancellation process," said Dave Camire, NGC mint error consultant and President of Numismatic Conservation Services.


Hendelson also discovered a small quantity of 1999 Susan B. Anthony dollar waffle coins. 

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