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India Issued 10 Rupee Coins May "Break"

The Reserve Bank of India's (RBI) newly issued 10 rupee (Rs10) coins may separate into two pieces, according to news accounts. The bimetal coins were...

Swiss Red Deer Commemorative Bimetallic Coin Issued

The latest bimetallic coin within the Swiss National Park commemorative series was issued Friday, according to a statement by the Federal Mint Swissmint. The third and second to last coin in the park series depicts the Red Deer, which was close to extinction by 1850 and has since rebounded.

2009 Swiss National Park Red Deer Bimetallic Coin

The outer ring of the coin is made of aluminum-bronze and the inner core from copper-nickel. The Red Deer is portrayed within the inner circle of the reverse as its antler tips reach toward to the outer rim.

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Mandela Birthday Coin from South African Mint

A commemorative Nelson Mandela "Madiba" five rand (R5) coin was introduced today by the South African Mint and Reserve Bank to celebrate Mandela's 90th birthday.

Nelson Mandela 90th Birthday Coin

Five million bi-metallic coins featuring a smiling Mandela have already been minted and will be released into circulation as part of his official birthday cerebration on Friday, July 18. The R5 coins are legal tender and have a circulating value of about 65 cents (US) each.

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Austrian Mint Releases Silver and Niobium Coin Celebrating the “Fascination of Light”

The Austrian Mint in Vienna has released its silver and niobium coin for 2008, which is dedicated to the “Fascination of Light”. Together with water, light is one of the most important factors of life. Without the light of the sun our planet would be cold and dead.

2008 Austrian Silver-Niobium Coin

The historical occasion for the new coin is the 150 anniversary of the birth of the great Austrian chemist and entrepreneur, Dr. Carl Baron Auer von Welsbach (1858-1929). Among other discoveries Welsbach is remembered for the development of the gas mantle which improved gas lighting in the streets and homes. The gas mantle of 1890 was more robust than earlier methods and produced a “whiter” light.

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Swiss Bimetallic "Golden Eagle" Commemorative Coin on Sale

The bimetallic Golden Eagle commemorative coin is now available from the Federal Mint Swissmint. The Golden Eagle coin is the second of four...

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