Thursday, February 25, 2021
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Counterfeit Banknote Ring Caught in Southern California

Five people were arrested in Southern California earlier this week for allegedly counterfeiting between $5 and $6 million in phony $20s and $100s over...

Americans Favor Penny, Prefer $1 Bill and Don’t Use Presidential Dollar Coins

Penny, Dollar Bill and Dollar CoinA new poll by Harris Interactive® reflects American's favor for the Lincoln penny, its preference for the $1 bill and the uphill battle the U.S. Mint is fighting to get new Presidential $1 coins into daily circulation.

Presidential $1 dollar coins not making it into circulation

For the latter two topics, there has been no shortage of articles within numismatic publications relaying the overwhelming realities of the near impossible task of a dollar coin competing head on with the lighter, and more convenient to use dollar bill. And while the word "many" has been used to describe those who have not yet seen the Presidential $1 coins used in circulation since their 2007 introduction, an overwhelming 75% of Harris Poll respondents say they have not seen a single dollar coin in circulation.

Given the U.S. Mint produced nearly 941 million presidential $1 coins in 2007 alone, or enough for every U.S. man, woman and child to each have three, the 75% figure highlights that while the coins may be attractive to collectors, so far they have not proven practical for use. In that regard, they lose to the paper dollar just like previous $1 coins.

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Canadian Penny Enters Elimination Mix

A new bill was introduced yesterday that proposes the elimination of the Canadian penny. Abolishing a country's smallest denominated coin is not new....

BEP Says Consumers Love the New $5 Bill

The newly redesigned $5 bill entered circulation March 13, 2008. While it will take time for everyone to receive their first $5, those that...

Pizza Shop Owner Made Fake Dough in Batches of $50 Counterfeits

Making dough is common place in a pizza shop kitchen. Making fake dough, as in counterfeited $50 bills, is not so common. Police arrested...

The Arrival of the New Lincoln $5 Bills and Uncut Currency Sheets

The first new redesigned Lincoln $5 bills will start arriving in banks on March 13. On the same day, the very first $5...

Ron Paul Introduces ‘Tax-Free Gold Act of 2008’

While Congressman Ron Paul is running for President, he is also attempting to create new law. On February 13, 2008, Mr. Paul...

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