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Tag: Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

Perth Mint Goes for Gold, Silver and Bronze at Beijing

The Perth Mint has released commemorative gold, silver and bronze coins celebrating the Australian Olympic Team's participation at the 2008 Beijing Games. Authorised by...

Super-Sized, 10 Kilo 2008 Olympic Gold Coin from China

It's not the largest or heaviest gold coin in the world, but this commemorative Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Gold Coin commands attention. Weighing in at 22 pounds (10 kg), a diameter 7.09 inches (18 cm) and made from .9999 fine gold, the 100,000 legal tender Chinese Yuan coin will cost one cool million to own.

10 Kilo Beijing Olympic Games Gold Coin

A spectacular price for sure, but is the coin worth its weight in gold? At gold's current spot price of $942.80 an ounce and considering there are 12 troy ounces per troy pound, that puts the coin's bullion value at about $249,000.

It's rare to find any commemorative priced as low as its bullion value. Why?

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