Saturday, February 27, 2021
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Antarctic Explorers Coins Issued in Ireland

Silver and gold coins were issued Wednesday by Ireland's Central Bank to commemorate the adventurous feats by Antarctic explorers Earnest Shackleton and Tom Crean, and celebrate the International Polar Year.

Ireland Antarctic Explorers Coins

The proof collector €5 and €100 coins feature the two historic Irish explorers with their ship 'The Endurance' backdropped within the steel grips of Antarctic ice.

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Australian Antarctic Skua Coin Unveiled: 2008 Polar Series Coins Mark 4th International Polar Year

The Royal Australian Mint has announced the start of the 2008 Polar Series coins, which mark the 4th International Polar Year - a large scientific programme focused on the Arctic and the Antarctic.

This 2008 $5 Polar Antarctic Territory Silver Proof Coin is the first in a series of three $5 proof coins in the Polar Series, marking the 4th International Polar Year.

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