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Fiscal year 2009 was filled with bittersweet coin news according to the recently released United States Mint 2009 Annual Report. Even with total sales of the organization responsible for American coinage at a recent high, net income and total seigniorage fell drastically in comparison. The economic recession is directly responsible for a majority of the […]


The Royal Mint has today reported another profitable and successful year, demonstrating the commitment to long-term sustainable growth. An operating profit before exceptional items and interest of £8.2 million (2007-08: £9.6m) was realised in spite of the challenging global economic environment, meaning the Royal Mint will pay a dividend of £4.0 million (2007-08: £3.9m) into […]


The just released 2008 United States Mint Annual Report offers a candid assessment on the performance of the US Mint that highlights both the good and the bad, and mixes in challenges and strategies. At the end of the fiscal year, the agency generated sales of more than $2.8 billion and made history in creating 126 coin designs — both good. But the Mint also earned less than it did in 2007 — one of several disappointments for the year.

United States Mint Financial Highlights for FY2008

2008 proved to be robust for the Mint’s numismatic and bullion coin programs. Each realized an increased net income of 22.7 percent and 295.6 percent. Demand for bullion coins popped with total sales registering an impressive $948.8 million. Collector coins came in second, pulling in $527.6 million.

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The Royal Mint has announced another year of financial success and improved profitability – a further year of improved performance. An operating profit before exceptional items of £9. 6 million (2006-07: £8. 7m) has been delivered on sales of £131. 8 million, and profit after exceptional items and interest was £7. 2 million, compared with […]


Ottawa, Ontario, April 28, 2008 – In 2007, the Royal Canadian Mint recorded an unprecedented profit of $30.7 million, almost double the previous year’s figure. Throughout the year, it also leveraged its innovation advantage, strengthened strategic partnerships and positioned itself for future growth in the global marketplace.   “The past year was one of remarkable […]