American Eagle Silver Coins

Individual 2008 American Eagle Silver Uncirculated Coins were pulled from the United States Mint online store Friday and moved to the "No Longer Available" page. The collector silver coins with the "W" mintmark first went on sale on March 17, 2008 for the price of $25.95. Mint numbers show 444,558 individual coins have been sold. […]

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US Mint American Eagle and Buffalo Bullion CoinsA dynamic shift in pricing for US gold and platinum collector coins is underway, according to a United States Mint notice published Tuesday by the Federal Register, which is the official daily source for rules, proposed rules, and notices of government agencies and organization.

Instead of static pricing, coin prices will be primarily determined and actively adjusted according to the London Fix weekly average. The Mint said this was to "mitigate the effect that fluctuating gold and platinum commodity costs" has on coins. The London Fix is used as a price benchmark for immediate silver, gold and platinum delivery.

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Small American Eagle Coins2008 US Mint American Eagle gold and silver coins are quickly disappearing. Several sold out, some face elimination, and 2009 replacements are on the horizon.

Tables comparing 2007 and 2008 Mint sales figures emphasize coins that look to have been good buys. Plus, potential opportunities that may still exist. Before analyzing the tables, consider also:

  • US Mint discontinued coin products include the American Eagle Gold Uncirculated 1/2, 1/4, 1/10, and Four-Coin Sets. Only the one-ounce option will remain in 2009.

  • The Mint has scheduled several 2009 product releases, but no dates have yet been listed for American Eagles. 2008 coins that do not sell out will stop with 2009 launches.

  • The latest Mint sales figures comparing December 2008 week 3 to week 4 indicate high demand for American Eagle gold proof coins, and even greater demand for the uncirculated options.

  • The proof one-half ounce and four-coin set have sold out within the last eight days. The gold proof one ounce sold out the week prior. It would seem more coins would likely join the sell out list.

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High demand has depleted all but the American Eagle Gold and Silver one-ounce coins from its 2008-dated bullion coin inventory, the United States Mint told authorized dealers in a memo Monday. Further, the Mint said it will delay the launch of other bullion coins until later in 2009, citing difficulties in acquiring blanks.   "The […]