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2011 Gold Buffalo Bullion Coin Debuts

American Gold Buffalo Bullion CoinThe United States Mint on Monday began selling the 2011 American Gold Buffalo Bullion Coin to its network of Authorized Purchasers (AP's).

The investment-grade coins entered the market during a time investors have been dumping stocks and commodities following the earthquake and nuclear crisis in Japan, making spectacular opening sales for the Buffalo pieces unlikely. That was in fact the case [...]

2010 Bullion Buffalo Gold Coins Sell Out, US Mint Announces

2010 American Buffalo Gold bullion coinThe 24-karat 2010 American Buffalo Gold bullion coins are no longer available, the United States Mint told its authorized buyers in a memo late last week.

The US Mint's inventory of the .9999 fine gold coin is depleted, and there are no plans to strike more this year. The numismatic proof 2010-W American Gold Buffalo coins are still on sale, although as collector pieces they carry higher premiums.

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First Spouse Gold Coins and Proof Buffalo Prices Cut

Prices were cut late Wednesday afternoon for First Spouse Gold Coins and American Buffalo Proof Coins to better match the recent gold decline. ...

2010 Gold Buffalo Bullion Coins: First Day Sales Hit 48,500

Gold Buffalo Bullion Coin2010 $50 American Gold Buffalo bullion coins debuted to roaring sales of 48,500 on their first day of issue, according to the United States Mint.

The U.S. Mint on Tuesday told its authorized purchasers that the 24 karat gold coins would be released Thursday, April 29. Buyers were ready.

The one day sales represent 15.0% of all the bullion Buffalos sold in their inaugural 2006 year, 29.0% of those in 2007, 28.2% of 2008 and 24.3% of 2009.

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2010 Buffalo Gold Bullion Coins Available April 29

2009 Gold Buffalo Bullion CoinExpecting buyers of newly struck 2010 American Buffalo Gold Bullion coins will soon be able to place orders and resell the gold pieces to the public, according to a memorandum the U.S. Mint sent its authorized purchasers Monday afternoon.


"The United States Mint will begin accepting orders for American Buffalo One Ounce Gold Bullion Coins on Thursday, April 29, 2010," the memo stated. "All standard ordering procedures apply."


The release of the 2010-dated coins begins much sooner than their 2009 counterparts, which were issued on October 15 and opened to blistering sales of 71,500 during their first five days.

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US Mint Price Increases: $50 for Gold Buffalo, $25 for First Spouse Coins

London gold prices have been firmly above $1,100 an ounce for an entire week. The level is not only a psychological one for...

US Mint Gold Buffalo and First Spouse Coin Price Cuts

Gold prices tumbled last week from Wednesday through Friday, and the balance looks to be tipped enough that the United States Mint will cut...

Lower US Mint Numismatic Gold Coin Prices Unlikely this Week

The United States Mint is unlikely to cut numismatic gold coin prices for a second straight week, despite the continual decline in gold prices...

US Mint Numismatic Gold Coin Prices Set for Decline

Gold prices have been declining for most of December, currently hovering at the $1,120 an ounce level as compared to the all-time highs that...

US Mint Ends 2009 Buffalo Gold Bullion Coin Sales, Inventory Depleted

2009 Gold Buffalo Bullion CoinThe United States Mint today ended the sale of 2009 American Gold Buffalo Bullion Coins, telling customers in a memo that its inventory has been depleted and that no more of the 2009-dated coins would be produced.


"The United States Mint has depleted its inventory of 2009 American Buffalo One Ounce Gold Bullion Coins," the US Mint stated in a memorandum to authorized purchasers of the precious metal coins. "No additional inventory will be made available. As additional information becomes available regarding 2010-dated American Buffalo One Once Gold Bullion Coins, you will be notified."


Despite their late Oct. 15 release date, sales of the bullion Buffalos topped those from 2008 and 2007, as the following table shows:

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