Denver Mint Articles and Photos

Articles, photos and videos about the U.S. Mint at Denver, Colorado. Includes information about its public tour and a behind-the-scenes look at how it produces coin dies, strikes coins for circulation and packages it numismatic sets.

Photo Walkthrough of U.S. Mint at Denver, ColoradoEach U.S. Mint facility is unique and exciting, as Mike and Darrin Unser of discovered in their visits. The tour of the Denver Mint provided its own treasure trove of memories for the men, and it was caught on camera.

A bit of enchantment occurs in watching the whirling of machinery and all the robotic movements during every process of coin production, so when you […]


How the Denver Mint Makes Uncirculated Coin SetsIt’s a blast watching numismatic coins coming to life in coining presses and then seeing how they’re packaged into sets by robots and other automated machines.

Most recently, we were lucky enough to discover how the tech teams from the U.S. Mint at Denver use robotics to build annual United States Mint Uncirculated Coin Sets. These popular sets, which most collectors call "Mint Sets," have annual sales of several hundred thousand units […]


How the Denver Mint Makes Coins for CirculationIt’s almost as if visitors to the United States Mint in Denver, Colorado, are subjected to a sort of time warp that takes them from the early 1900’s and then to modern day.

In walking up to the building’s front, you see the classic Gothic Renaissance structure and are reminded of the days of old. But inside, a different scene quickly emerges with massive machinery, computers, robotics and operations […]

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How the Denver Mint Makes Dies to Produce CoinsWalking through the United States Mint die floor in Denver, Colorado is kind of like peering through a window of a bakery or candy shop that shows how its treats are made. There’s a feeling of enchantment as things move around from place to place and take their final shape.

More than 6 billion coins for circulation came from Denver in 2013. That’s about 19 coins for every man, woman and child in the United States. All were made from […]


Public Tour Photos of US Mint at Denver, ColoradoGrand marble hallways complete with massive chandeliers, historic murals, gold bars worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, a machine gun nest and a story of internal employee theft are just a few of the intriguing items found while taking the public tour of the United States Mint at Denver, Colorado.

This tour is chock-full of information and displays that are sure to educate, entertain and enthrall all but the most critical of guests […]


Public and Special Tours of Denver MintIt’s fairly rare to get a private look within any of the United States Mint production facilities. visited all four of them this year, wrapping up 2013 with a special trip to the U.S. Mint facility in Denver, Colorado.

Today, the United States Mint in Denver shares the responsibility of […]

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