Space-Themed 2019 Native American $1 Coin Launches


Today, Feb. 13, the United States Mint released rolls and bags of the spaced-themed 2019 Native American $1 Coin.

2019 Native American $1 Coin - obverse and reverse
2019 Native American $1 Coin (obverse and reverse)

Found on the dollar’s reverse is a one-year-only design honoring the contributions Native Americans have made to the U.S. Space Program.

Available products include 25-coin rolls ($25 face value), 100-coin bags ($100 face value) and 250-coin bags ($250 face value) with options of circulating dollars struck at the U.S. Mint facilities in Philadelphia or Denver.

2019 Native American Dollar Coin Designs

Space is a fitting theme for this year’s dollar as the U.S. Mint already released 2019 Apollo 11 Commemorative Coins celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first manned Moon landing.

2019 Native American $1 Coin - reverse
A larger view of the 2019 dollar’s reverse

Its design depicts renowned engineer Mary Golda Ross working on aerospace calculations. Behind Ross, an Atlas-Agena rocket is seen as it might have appeared launching into space with an equation inscribed on its exhaust cloud. The design also includes the image of an astronaut, symbolic of Native American astronauts, including John Herrington, spacewalking above Ross. Stars reflecting outer space complete the design.

Reverse inscriptions include "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" and "$1." U.S. Mint Artistic Infusion Program designer Emily Damstra created the design and it was executed by U.S. Mint Chief Engraver Joseph Menna.

Found on the obverse (heads side) is Glenna Goodacre’s image of Sacagawea carrying her infant son, Jean Baptiste. Obverse inscriptions read "LIBERTY" and "IN GOD WE TRUST."

Edge inscriptions on each coin indicate the year, mint mark, and "E PLURIBUS UNUM."

Roll, Bag and Box Pricing

2019 Native American $1 Coin products are available in the following six options at the pricing shown:

25-Coin Roll – P $32.95
25-Coin Roll – D $32.95
100-Coin Bag – P $111.95
100-Coin Bag – D $111.95
250-Coin Box – P $275.95
250-Coin Box – D $275.95


‘P’ indicates coins produced at the Philadelphia Mint with ‘D’ for those struck at the Denver Mint.

Photo of 2018 Native American $1 Coins
A CoinNews photo of a D-roll of last year’s 2018 Native American $1 Coin featuring sports legend Jim Thorpe.)

All of the dollars are produced to circulation quality and taken directly from the production floor.


Order 2019 Native American $1 Coins directly from the U.S. Mint by visiting its online catalog page for Native American $1 products. Phone orders are accepted by calling 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468). No mintage, product or household limits are in place.

Past Native American $1 Coins and Mintages

Previous dollars have featured the following reverse themes::

  • 2009 – Three Sisters Agriculture
  • 2010 – Great Tree of Peace and the Iroquois Confederacy
  • 2011 – Great Wampanoag Nation
  • 2012 – Trade Routes
  • 2013 – Treaty with the Delawares
  • 2014 – Native Hospitality Ensured the Success of the Lewis and Clark Expedition
  • 2015 – Contributions of the Kahnawake Mohawk and Mohawk Akwesasne communities to "high iron" construction work
  • 2016 – Contributions of the Native American Code Talkers in World War I and World War II
  • 2017 – Cherokee silversmith and inventor Sequoyah
  • 2018 – Sports Legend Jim Thorpe

Mintages have been trending lower with 2011 being the last year the coins were actually issued into circulation. (They are now produced solely for coin collectors.) The table below shows mintages since the series start in 2009.

  Denver Mint Philadelphia Mint Total Mintages
2009 33.88 M 37.88 M 71.26 M
2010 48.72 M 32.06 M 80.78 M
2011 48.16 M 29.40 M 77.56 M
2012 3.08 M 2.80 M 5.88 M
2013 1.82 M 1.82 M 3.64 M
2014 2.80 M 3.08 M 5.88 M
2015 2.24 M 2.80 M 5.04 M
2016 2.10 M 2.80 M 4.09 M
2017 1.54 M 1.82 M 3.36 M
2018 1.40 M 1.40 M 2.80 M
2019* 1.40 M 1.40 M 2.80 M


*In January of each year, the U.S. Mint tends to strike dollar coins to the expected amounts needed for the entire year. There have been instances where more are made beyond January.

About the Series

The Native American $1 Coin series was authorized by Congress under Public Law 110-82. Terms of that law require annually changing reverse designs emblematic of the contributions Native Americans have made to the history and development of the United States.

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Really 2017 only 3.36M minted, will this one rising price on future ?

sam tweedy

Elizabeth Warren posed for the reverse,they will go fast like her to nowhere!!!

Chas Barber

Watch out Sammy boy, they said that about Trump!! Will his $1 have an 0range jumpsuit??

Chas Barber

The reverse is like a walk in Hong Kong, so CrOWDED – the front, is like a blank sheet, no DATE!! a schitzo design…….

2017 was FUGULY


I’m looking forward to the Native American Dollar coin and currency set that is due to be sold this summer by the US mint.

By the way, Sam, that was funny about your comment on Elizabeth W (aka Pocahantas). And Chas Barber, President Trump is fighting hard daily to keep you and I free, brother! He is the LAST person that needs to be wearing an orange jump suit! I will agree with one thing you said…The 2019 Native American dollar’s reverse is poorly designed.

Peace Out and happy coin collecting, brothers and sisters!


@Parker…Trump needs all the support we can give him. The wall needs to be built, and his military tribunals are exactly what we needed. I had a sign out on my front lawn for years that said “Hang all the traitors to the US Constitution”. I guess he got the message.


LargeNuggets… Yes, sir! The president has my full support. So far, he has earned that support big time (or bigly)!

Happy coin collecting!

Chas Barber

I agree on the Constitution, but the Current Pres has never read it- for sure…. As ot keeping me safe….yeah safe from what certainly not pollution or corporate or CEO greed….TODAY the EPA plan is to allow small amounts of TOXINS into the food & water chain, as TRUMP’s new Swamp EPA head scientist opines toxins are good for humans…really….yeah our politix are toxic. Trump needs some tummy support he’s getting uge… to cents stop the Madne$$


CB, the president has certainly read our country’s Constitution. In my opinion, his actions as president prove that. You are as passionate about your political views as I am mine. We may may disagree in how we perceive the current political environment but we are both Americans. And we should freely voice our beliefs and concerns. Thanks for the feedback!

Now, your viewpoint to cease making cents (pennies) does make sense! However, it’s still fun to occasionally get a wheat cent or another neat cent in change.

Take care.


Good that it will be in a new coin and currency set that will come out this summer.