225th Anniversary American Liberty Silver Medal Set Launch


Anniversary celebrations continue at the United States Mint with its newest release, the 2017 American Liberty Silver Four-Medal Set. The collectible is the Mint’s final product marking its 225th anniversary.

American Liberty Four Silver Medal Set - Packaging, Medals and Booklet
U.S. Mint image of its American Liberty 225th Anniversary Silver Four-Medal Set. The product has four medals from four different minting facilities with each in a different finish. The medals are in a tri-fold holder and accompanied by an informational booklet detailing the evolution of Lady Liberty.

Available beginning today, Oct. 19, at noon ET, the set features four medals each with a unique finish and mint mark.

The four medals of the American Liberty 225th Anniversary Set include:

  • 2017-P reverse proof silver medal from the Philadelphia Mint
  • 2017-S standard proof silver medal from the San Francisco Mint
  • 2017-D uncirculated silver medal from the Denver Mint
  • 2017-W enhanced uncirculated silver medal from the West Point Mint

They are struck from the same planchets as American Silver Eagles and share their specifications, including a composition of 99.9% silver, a diameter of 1.598 inches (40.60 mm) and a weight of 1.000 troy oz (31.103 g). Unlike the coins, however, the medals have a plain edge.

Their designs match the earlier issued 2017-W Proof American Liberty Gold Coin and the 2017-P Proof American Liberty Silver Medal. The gold piece has current sales of 25,037 while the silver medal has sales of 46,962.

Photos 2017 American Liberty 225th Anniversary High Relief Gold Coin
CoinNews photos of a 2017 American Liberty 225th Anniversary Gold Coin. The silver medals share the same designs, although not in high relief. The gold coin was released on April 6.

Photos 2017-P Proof American Liberty Silver Medal
CoinNews photos of a 2017-P Proof American Liberty Silver Medal. This standalone medal launched on June 14.

Designed by Justin Kunz, obverses depict Liberty rendered as an African-American woman wearing a crown of five-pointed stars along with the inscriptions LIBERTY, 1792, and 2017.

American Liberty Four Silver Medal Set - Medal Obversers
U.S. Mint image of the medal obverses
American Liberty Four Silver Medal Set - Medal Reverses
U.S. Mint image of the medal reverses

Their reverse, designed by Chris Costello, showcases a powerful eagle in flight along with inscriptions of UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and a mintmark of ‘P’ for Philadelphia, ‘S’ for San Francisco, ‘D’ for Denver or ‘W’ for West Point.

Mintage and Ordering

A maximum of 50,000 sets will be issued. Pricing is $199.95 per set and there is an initial household order limit of two sets.

Beginning at noon, the American Liberty 225th Anniversary Silver Four-Medal Set may be ordered directly from the U.S. Mint via this link. Orders are also accepted by calling 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468).

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Seth Riesling

Just remember, these are NOT high relief medals. But, the African-American Lady Liberty with cornrows is a beauty! At triple spot silver price this morning for each medal, it is a gamble at $199.95 plus $4.95 S&H (total price $204.90 per set). Who is buying?



– Shipping can be had for free, using promo code good for all the 225th Anniversary item good thru 15 November of: ANNIVERSARY. – This House Hold Limit will be removed on this release by 1:00 pm EST, I bet. – This is THE FINAL 225th Anny product release.., sadly enough. For a 225th Anniversary in which most of us won’t be living for the 250th…, it’s been a real BIG disappointment. – $200 for four (4) medals at a mintage of 50,000 is a difficult pill to swallow, I purchased the 1 oz gold, though $200 for medals gives… Read more »



– This House Hold Limit will be removed on this release by FRIDAY – 1:00 pm EST, I bet.

– 08 February ’18 is the release date for: American Liberty One-Tenth Ounce 2018 Gold Proof Coin


“By the way, they’ll be a 1/10 gold coin next year of this design, it’s on the mint’s 2018 product schedule”

THey are really milking this “popular” design.

sam tweedy

I will pass on this one for sure!!


I have the same thoughts with this as with the original silver medal release – if these were dollar coins I would bite, but $50 for a silver medal is too steep for me. Compare the hype for these to the 2011 silver eagle anniversary set that had twice the mintage. Just my two cents, I’ll be kicking myself if this sells out today (and will probably come back to try to delete this comment :D).


I’m with Seth, it’s a beauty. I’ll get one.


Ordered mine!


Thank you KC&SO for the ANNIVERSARY discount code. You just saved me $4.95 S&H.


I was logged in ready to pull the trigger but decided not to. Reason: 50000 mintage limit. I also may have to kick myself. Love the four finishes in one set.


I bought 2. Will keep them unopened.


I can see that it is hard for some people to buy, based on cost of materials etc and the sales price, but there’s more to decision-making than that. I doubt an art buyer prices a painting (or perhaps a set of prints) based upon parts and labor. It’s not always about a quick profit. What’s the value of something you like? If isn’t $200, in this case, put the $200 towards the next issue. In my case, I bought two sets. Set 1 I purchased for me, because I like the medals. Set 2 is for my girlfriend. Ironically,… Read more »


KC&SO: How did you find out about the discount code?


I bought 1 at 11:01 my time and then talked myself into buying another 15 minutes later. I got free shipping on the 2nd but not the 1st. I forgot. Can’t wait to see the four different finishes with this beautiful design!!

Seth Riesling

The U.S. Mint has been sending out a lot of brochures for the past 2 months offering free “Budget Shipping” which is $4.95. I used that budget shipping option (one of 4 shipping options) once on my smallest order & it took 12 days from the day it shipped from their private vendor fulfillment warehouse in Memphis, Tennessee to get to me in Austin, Texas (I could have driven to Memphis & back in about 12 hours! LOL). & they leave the package at your door if it doesn’t fit in your mailbox. I pay extra for expedited shipping ($12.95)… Read more »


Too bad the mint doesn’t put a counter on the site so you can watch the numbers go down or stay stagnate! That would be interesting to watch. I doubt they sell out quickly… lots of pushback on price and the subject. Too bad in the case of the subject, understandable on the price. Have fun!


Captainrich – You’re welcome! Glad it worked out.

MTMorgPeace – Flier arrived in the mail yesterday, timely. AEGOLD2017 and AESILVER2017 also work till then as well.


As a collector First…I can make decisions based upon personal finances and my desire to have coins and medals to complete collections. I agree that many times The US Mint can put pressure on customers by unreasonable restrictions yet more often than not our feedback falls on deft ears. Nevertheless, the pure enjoyment of Numismatics gets the best of us.

Chas Barber

I like medals, but pass on this, exce$$ive price, excessive mintage#, & design…..ehhhhh I would have gone all in on any re-issue of a classic 1792’ish coin design, what a loss, the mint ignored it’s HISTORY…….when silver hits $55 you get aprofit…….


Thanks for the tip on the Free Shipping Promo Coupon Code “ANNIVERSARY”. I was previously unaware of it but had already placed my online order for two of the American Liberty 225th Anniversary Silver Four-Medal Sets. Therefore I later telephoned the U.S. Mint @ 1-800-872-6468 and spoke to Customer Service regarding my recently placed order number and requested retroactively the Free Shipping Promo Coupon Code “ANNIVERSARY”. She was very nice & helpful and told me my order would be discounted the earlier $4.95 shipping charge.


I woke up at 3am and bought 2 sets, and am looking to get a third when the household limit is lifted.
I’m in Australia, I generally despise medals/tokens and have no connection to African Americans (or America in general) … but I just love the design.

I bought 3 of the gold coins and silver medals, so of course the nature of a collector means I need multiples of this set as well.

I am impressed with the mint’s international shipping prices. For one set it is only $17.90 to get to Australia, and it gets here fast.


this set won’t even sell out after they lift HH limit. it’s not like the dealers are going to come in and buy the other 40,000 sets still available like they did with the 2017 limited edition silver proof set


Priced to high melt price around $70 medals cost $200. Ridiculous

Robert Thomas

I’m passing on this one – for all of the reasons that have already been stated by others.


You People are always concerned about Melt Value. It Cost Money to Make these. You have to pay People to make them and Design them. Plus these are not Silver Blanks. They are Limited Edition Coins. Grow up People , If you dont want them, Buy something Different, but Quit Bashing what the Mint is Making for People who like to Collect.

Eddie A

Daniel, You can have my two sets. I logged in at 12:00 on the dot with no delays (clue something was up) and ordered my two sets in less than a minute. Went back to the US Mint website and saw that the set was still available and cancelled my order. USM05369474 $0.00 10/19/2017 CANCELLED. It is not buyers remorse. It’s a matter of knowing that the collector base continues to dwindle and there would be no room for me to sell these sets at a profit. I will wait and buy after market much cheaper a year or two… Read more »

Eddie A

cancelled order at 4:15 pm so there are two extra sets available if anybody wants them.


Eddie A: You must have been thinking as I was but I never placed an order.

So far I am not kicking myself. The free shipping almost got me to order two individual sets but I still have not done so. Probably will sit on the sidelines and see what these do in the future.

Christopher Williams

I picked up my two sets at noon (two separate orders) and will open one and keep the other one sealed.

As soon as I realized how easy it was to place two separate orders (opening up two tabs in my browser) simultaneously then I knew these weren’t going to Sell Out today, and maybe never.

Corey C.

I have to pass on these. 50K seems like a lot for a design that doesn’t appear to be very popular.

Christopher Williams

If anyone who purchased these is unhappy, they have seven days to return them for credit their CC minus the shipping charges.

I have a feeling the US Mint will be handling a lot of returns just like the “225th Anniversary Enhanced Uncirculated Coin Set.”

Christopher Williams

Eddie A. makes a great point.

The real collecting community is dwindling.


the pre-sales on these sets are already trending down. I see these sets still available for Christmas after first day sales of 8,000. 4,000 of those sets will be returned


Last month on ebay, seller f.w.traders sold 3 of these sets for $329.99 each with free shipping as pre-sale item #152714828886 on September 25, 2017 @ 1:00 PM PDT. The irony is that these sets are still available directly from the U.S. Mint for $199.95 each with Free Shipping. Individually that means $329.99 – $199.85 = $130.04 profit per set. Combined 3 sets x $130.04 profit per set = $390.12 total profit.


these sets will be selling for just above melt one year from now


There are only about 45 eBay listings for these. Some are for one set and some are for two sets. It looks like the flippers may have backed off from buying these as well.


the mint had one clear winner in 2017, the congratulations set. the 2017 EU set has a shot at being a semi-winner once it sells out. if you buy anything from the mint it’s buyer beware

Eddie A

Coinstar is right. The 2017 big winner is the congratulations set. I got my two.

Seth Riesling

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner! The 2017-S ASE Proof $1 coin congratulations “set” (one coin in cardboard folder) at 75,000 “sets” & the 2017-S LESPS with the 2017-S ASE $1 & 7 other Proof silver coins at 50,000 sets (both sets sold out) for a total mintage of 125,000 2017-S ASE $1 Proof coins making it the 4th rarest ASE $1 coin since the program began 31 years ago in 1986!

Happy collecting everyone!


Seth Riesling

The Mint today (Friday, Oct. 20) lifted the 2 set household limit on this set just 24 hours after it was offered yesterday October 19th ! Very low first day sales on this silver medal set.


sam tweedy

I don’t really care for medals, not impressed with the eagle design on this coin.

Mike Unser (CoinNews.net)

First-day sales totaled 16,794 sets.

Chas Barber

Shane, as a long timer, I collect alot but not designs I do not like, I can also bash the mint profteering – these are MEDAL not COINS & have a much smaller collecting base, you cant even spend them! and the mint price is excessive & I have been addicted to the mint since the return of Proof Sets @ $5 a pop in 1968 (worth the same IF you b lucky!) anyway, the mnt stuck it’s thumb @ collectors & they real base, they can kiss my …..abused where are the classic design reissues, oh still selling SLQ… Read more »


Thanks Mike for the total sales!

HHL is gone.

A Bob

I like em but will wait for prices to drop. Medals almost always drop in price.
They will be under $40 each by the end of next year…certified.


Another person saying thank you KC&SO for the ANNIVERSARY discount code.
Even worked with International shipping costs!


Bought two sets the first day called them back to cancel the order going to pass on these .

Christopher Williams

I’m curious if Mike “Sold Out, Limited Edition” Mezack will be hawking these on HSN.

Seth Riesling

Christopher Williams – We both can bet Mike “Exclusive Only to HSN Coins & Medals Sold Out Limited Edition” Mezack will be ripping off unknowledgeable people on “his” HSN tv show (he is backed by a large East Coast dealer company & he hasn’t paid for a coin out of his own money himself in many years!). He is a smug, arrogant liar & ripoff artist taking advantage of customers who don’t know what the Hell they are buying (& I have the videos to prove it). Unfortunately, those who shop with HSN for numismatic items are the type who… Read more »


NumisdudeTX, thank you for your caveat emptor regarding Mike Mezack & HSN. It is much appreciated.