2017 US Mint Limited Edition Silver Proof Set Release

by Darrin Lee Unser on October 5, 2017 · 63 comments

Get ready… Today, the United States Mint will release the 2017 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set.

2017 US Mint Limited Edition Silver Proof Set

The 2017 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set has eight coins. Their weight in silver combines to 2.338 troy ounces, giving the set a melt value of about $39.33 based on Wednesday’s LBMA silver price. The real worth of this product is its value to collectors. This year’s set also has a special low mintage coin, adding to its appeal.

Available beginning at noon ET for $139.95, the set includes eight silver coins from the San Francisco Mint. Intense interest for just one of them will likely lead to a quick sell-out.

The product limit for this set is capped at 50,000. Anticipating broad demand, the U.S. Mint is restricting the number of sets to two per household.

Held in the set’s attractive packaging are the following 90% silver coins:

  • 2017-S Kennedy Silver Half-Dollar
  • 2017-S Effigy Mounds National Monument Silver Quarter (Iowa)
  • 2017-S Frederick Douglass National Historic Site Silver Quarter (District of Columbia)
  • 2017-S Ozark National Scenic Riverways Silver Quarter (Missouri)
  • 2017-S Ellis Island Silver Quarter (New Jersey)
  • 2017-S George Rogers Clark National Historical Park Silver Quarter (Indiana)
  • 2017-S Roosevelt Dime

In addition, the limited edition set holds a 1-ounce .999 fine 2017-S Proof American Silver Eagle. This is the coin that collectors want the most. It has only been featured in one other release, the 2017 Congratulations Set which debuted April 4 and sold out in minutes.

The Congratulations Set had a limit of 75,000. Adding that to this set’s 50,000 limit brings the 2017-S Proof Silver Eagle’s potential mintage to just 125,000 coins. That makes it a key issue in the American Silver Eagle series. The only proof with a lower mintage (at 30,102) is the highly coveted 1995-W which sells for several thousand dollars.


Order the 2017 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set directly from the United States Mint via this link to the set’s product page, or call 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468).

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The only coin I want from this set is the ASE. I recently received some Ebay Bucks so I just went onto Ebay today & bought the Congratulations Set. I saved about $35. The Congratulations set is still overpriced but I would have paid more buying this set so it’s not a total loss!!


Just got my order in! 9:01 in the Great NW. Smart move Ernesto!

Robert Thomas

I bought one and it went real smooth.


Got my order in a few minutes ago, very smooth, it looks like the Mint has finally ironed out the ordering issues that plagued it for years!

Richard Margolis

Ordering was smooth. Received confirmation


Order placed at 12:00. No problems. Good luck everyone.


got 2 sets no problems


Still for sale 15 minutes in. I’m kinda shocked due to limited silver eagle. Wait n see when it sells out but people have plenty of time to buy more than two sets and have shipped somewhere else. Great set and collect ability to this one.


Order acknowledgment at 12:02 and order confirmation at 12:20. Looks like the mint got it right this time.

Jeffrey Razook

With the HH Limit of 2, this probably won’t sell out today or at least not for several hours. Even if the big boys have 100 different accounts that only adds up to 200 sets. Plenty of time for everyone to get one.

Seth Riesling

Got my 2 sets at 3 minutes after noon Eastern time with no problems. Got confirmation summary email 6 minutes later. Surprised it hasn’t sold out yet! Everyone was pissed when the 2017-S Congrats Set sold out 75,000 sets in 2 minutes a couple of months ago & no household limit & one coin dealer got 25,000 sets. Where are the collectors now who missed out on this very important 2017-S ASE $1 coin?



@Seth Riesling

Yeah it is still on sale at the Mint … maybe some of those collectors bought it from the flippers/dealers/HSN Guy (yikes!) the first time it came out and this 50k offering is enough to satisfy the remaining collectors . JMO of course ..

Eddy R

Would of been nice with a P mint ase dollar.

Eddie A

The reason you guys were able to place “smooth” orders is because not many people want this set and not many people were ordering. At least I don’t. I’m satisfied with my 2 congrats sets. Hope not many of these sell so that the total mintage for the 2017 S ASE will not be 125K. As of 5pm ET the set is still available. See if you have a smooth transaction on Oct 19 when the 4 Silver Medals are released.


Could it be that many Eagle collectors don’t realize that this is a unique offering with a total mintage of only 125K? I too, am surprised it hasn’t sold out!


I think the key to this set is the fact first time all coins in this set are from San Francisco mint. I would say most didn’t pay attention to this fact and low interest in a over priced silver set but the added S silver eagle, it will be a great set for along time to come. Many will wish they bought down the road.

Rodney Moore

Seth asked “Where are the collectors now who missed out on this very important 2017-S ASE $1 coin?”. I for one was busy ordering a couple. I’m sure that a lot of people that were complaining about the congrats set selling out did order this set today. I know I was really mad when some ebay coin dealer called me trying to sell me a Graded $300 2017 S eagle. Mine may not grade 70 but I don’t care, I’ll get the satisfaction of not paying a flipper for the coin. These limited edition sets ARE over priced but I… Read more »

Chas Barber

Slow sales are good for those who want the “S” Proof ASE, BUT I think this is a sign of the decline in COLLECTING, flipping, accumalating, stacking, etc. are one thing, but ‘collecting’ is slowly dying along with the old guard of collectors. Anyone not aware in the 1960’s has no idea valuable coins WERE to be had in change for awhile or you could swap out the 90% for clad (as I did in the Cafe~ in 6th grade…) but today collecting is way off, there may not be 125k serious proof ASE collectors, silver speculators, etc., yes, but… Read more »

Eddie A

Chas Barber, I agree I grew up in the 60s. I remember my grandfather pulling coins out of circulation for his collection. I agree that the true collectors are slowly decreasing. For this set it’s way too much money to pay for a set where the ASE is the only item of interest. The smart money should wait for the 4 medal set on sale Oct 19, if you get two of these it’ll be a good addition to any collection.

David J Rushton

I bought one set at 1:00PM PST and another at 7:30PM PST…both orders confirmed and gives each of my twin boys a set for the future. Any chance this ASE can compete with the 1995-W?

Seth Riesling

David J. Rushton –

No ASE $1 coin can compete with the rarest coin in the series with a very small mintage of only 30,125 coins – the 1995-W Proof ASE $1 coin. Even raw (ungraded), they sell for nearly $4,000.
This 2017-S ASE $1 will be the 4th rarest of the 31-year series, after the burnished & reverse Proof versions in the 2011 25th anniversary ASE $1 coin set at a little less than 100,000 each.



US mint not exciting anymore.


As a way to try to cure my insomnia, I went to the Mint’s website to see if the status changed to CU or SO…. nope still available … I think there are probably less ASE collectors than the total mintage of the 2017S proof ASE .. otherwise I’d think this one would be CU by now … and if there are not so picky collectors they’d probably opt to get a single coin at a lower price (a TPG 69) at around 80 to 85 bucks on eBay than (over)pay $140+ for a set that contains coins they probably… Read more »


It can be a thousand reasons to blame slow sell. I strongly agreed collector decreasing. Another major reason have milky spot problem. No matter how did we stored it . When it appear on future the coin become worthless silver metal

Seth Riesling

Tinto –

Like you, I thought there were more than 125,000 (top mintage limit for the 2017-S Proof ASE $1 in this set & the Congrats set) collectors of the ASE $1 coin series. Maybe after 31 years of these coins, some are getting tired of them. Lol

Happy collecting!



yorbasasa – your comment about milk spots is spot on. I will never buy another modern silver coin for more than 15% of spot value. I have $800 worth of coins with milk spots in my collection.

NW Robert

2017 Mint sales… the struggles continue. Such low sales on so many coins in comparison to years past. I hope collecting coins doesn’t fall to the nothingness of BIT coins. Unless you point it out to kids today, they have no idea how beautiful and intricate coin designs have been over the years. I’m hoping collecting at least stays at a certain level. But who knows….


As of 11:00 today the U S mint lifted the house hold limit on the 2017 Limited edition set, be interesting to see how long or when it sells out ?


Seth Riesling

Yeah 31 years of the same old, same old design I was somewhat interested in the beginning but dropped that after 3 or 4 years ….. the Mint couldn’t even change the design once, not even to commemorate the last “Anniversary” offering when they chose to wimp out by doing the edge lettering .. more like an insult to ASE collectors IMO

Rodney Moore

I wonder if the Mint’s strategy all along was to lift the Household limit after 23 hours? As far as the design not changing on the Eagle – I think that is a good thing! There’s no shortage of other coins to buy if you don’t like the design. Born in 1986 and want a silver eagle? Available. Born in 1996 and want a silver eagle with the regular design? Available. 2006? 2016? Yes. So I think it is a great thing that the design (which is fantastic) is still the same. I briefly bought some when they first came… Read more »


does anyone know how many sets have been sold as of now?

Eddie A

I believe the mint lifted the limit because they are also dumbfounded. They expected a quick sell out (15-20 minutes) to make a lot of money quickly but that didn’t happen. Now they are hoping the same people and dealers who bought the two will buy more. This is all speculation but I bet I’m 99.99% correct knowing how the mint operates.

Eddie A

By the way lonnie I just called the mint and told the rep I needed 10,000 sets to see if they had them and the rep said yes. So guess the numbers. You can call and ask for 20,000 to 30,000 and I’ll bet they have them.


The Congratulations set sold at $53.95, so the TV guys are selling that coin from $149 ungraded to $200 plus graded . So to spend $139.95 for the set the tv dudes probably thinking what profit they can make on it thus slowing up sell out. If USMINT did something like the Wedgetail Eagle , Changed design every two years that might increase interest in ASE. What do you guys think?

Eddy R

Number sold as of coin world is. 29164 in first 22 hours.


I am with Rich. I would like to see the mint to change either the obverse or reverse periodically. As the coin is known as the ASE, the reverse should be an eagle but the design of the eagle does not need to stay the same. I do not know as to whether this will increase the number of collectors since this is not a circulating coin and there are plenty of mints around the world that offer one ounce silver coins with some changing the design every year. Part of the issue could be so many different offerings/packagings with… Read more »


I fell for the trap with the Congratulations Set and fell for this one too this morning thinking I better cover my previous buy that was done on ebay. Maybe I’ll return it to the mint when I get it.


Don’t be mistaken that there is value to this being a set. The set is worth no more than the value of its individual coins. Unfortunately, the sum is not more than the sum of its parts. So, the set gets its value primarily from its Silver Eagle. This product did not sell out as quickly as the Congratulations set because it was much more expensive. I was under the impression that the mintage limit for the Silver Eagle was 75,000 across all products, but some of you seem to think otherwise. Am I mistaken?


erv they dont have to change the obverse or reverse to make a change all they have to do is make one with seven tail feathers instead of eight or four talons instead five . something like that would send the coin collecting world into a tizzy , a subtle change like that is all that is needed .



I agree, changing the obverse/reverse on the ASE (proof only) every so often- 3, or 4 years in between would liven up the collector base and probably even attract new comers … (I say every 3 to 4 years because the Mint seems totally incapable/unwilling to make changes …. and anything less than 3 years might run into a roadblock there …..

Seth Riesling

Stevo – The first limited edition silver Proof set in this packaging was offered in 2012 at $149.95 with a 50,000 set limit with 8 coins that could be purchased separately. It commands a good premium in the marketplace today still (it was up to near $350 at one time & now is valued at about $250). The 2013, 2014 sets were $139.95 & don’t have a premium attached to them basically. The Mint didn’t offer one in 2015 & the 2016 set is still available. All of these had a mintage of 50,000 sets. The Mint said earlier this… Read more »


For a “key issue” it sure isn’t selling like one. As of Oct.6 @ 7:49 PM Central it is still there! How long will it last??


aaaaaaaand it’s gone


Seth i think the 12, 13, &14 sets are more valuable because they are locked in to the set where as the 16,&17 sets are encapsulated individually therefore making them interchangable with graded 70 coins,& then offered that way by ebay or mezack


Product is currently unavailable.

Seth Riesling

This set went “currently unavailable” about 2 hours ago.

Gary –

I noticed with the 2016 LESPS that it does not have the large square hard plastic holder around all 8 coins. It is cheaper packaging than previous years & the 2017 set is the same. The coins can fall out easily now.


Joe Brown

If they stay on the shelves for any small amount of time, you know the coin vault, csn, hsn, & mcm, and others are going to scoup them. As far as the ASE*, design change i was all for it when it was brought up after the SILVER EAGLE did it,s 25 years. My thinking was the first 25 year sets, for instance BU, PROOF, Brunished, Reverse Proof would go up in value$$. Too bad theres no 1 that can top that design. I don,t give 1 anymore, but *gary has the right idea, like the tail feathers of the… Read more »

Joe Brown

forgot, look what the obverse 1917 D & S, American Silver Liberty 1/2 $’s in mint state are going for, even in lower conditions, i b Leave they minted more than 300,000 of each.


When I give a proof silver eagle to somebody for some commemorative event like a birth or wedding they are pleased with the beauty of the coin and happy to get it. I don’t think they would care if the obverse or reverse is different from a previous year but I think what’s important is that the images used for both sides are classic designs that are known to represent the United States so I prefer the proof silver eagle to not change, ever. The 50 state quarters and now the 56 America the Beautiful quarters have 5 different designs… Read more »

Joe Brown

there was mention of rear American Silver Eagles*, i don’t know how everyone looks at this 1 because its an error ASE*, the 2008 W* with the reverse of the 2007 W* ASE* with a mintage of about 47,000 so far out of the 535,598 burnished 2008 ASE* minted that yea& r. In 2008 the mint modified the ASE* reverse just a bit & as of this date theirs about 47,000 2008 W unc. with the old reverse. A good majority of these 2008 W unc, ASE with a mintage of 535,598 have been graded 68,69, & 70 with out… Read more »