225th Anniversary 2017-S Enhanced Uncirculated Coin Set Release

225th Anniversary Enhanced Uncirculated Coin Set
U.S. Mint image of its 225th Anniversary Enhanced Uncirculated Coin Set™. The 10 coins are presented in two lenses and packaged inside a black matte box with a Certificate of Authenticity.

A hot ticket product from the United States Mint debuts today with the release of the 2017-S Enhanced Uncirculated Coin Set. This limited-edition collection holds 10 unique coins from the San Francisco Mint. Each has an ‘S’ mintmark.

The product celebrates the 225th anniversary of the U.S. Mint and launches at noon ET for $29.95. No more than 225,000 will be sold and there are no household order limits.

A breakdown of the included coins is as follows:

  • 2017-S Effigy Mounds National Monument Quarter (Iowa)
  • 2017-S Frederick Douglass National Historic Site Quarter (Washington, DC)
  • 2017-S Ozark National Scenic Riverways Quarter (Missouri)
  • 2017-S Ellis Island (Statue of Liberty National Monument) Quarter (New Jersey)
  • 2017-S George Rogers Clark National Historical Park Quarter (Indiana)
  • 2017-S Native American $1 Coin
  • 2017-S Kennedy half-dollar
  • 2017-S Roosevelt dime
  • 2017-S Jefferson nickel
  • 2017-S Lincoln cent

Each is composed from the same base metals that are used in making their standard circulating, collector uncirculated, and collector proof counterparts. However, their appearances stand apart from other clad coinage as the dies used in striking them are specially manufactured.

Obverse and reverse of a 2015-W Enhanced Uncirculated Native American $1 Coin
An example of an enhanced uncirculated finish is the Mint’s application of it on the 2015-W Native American $1 Coin

As described by the Mint, the coins’ finishes are created "using a combination of laser frosted areas and an unpolished field that accentuates design details, creating a unique contrast distinctly different from the mirror-like finish of proof coins."

Some recent U.S. Mint coins in enhanced uncirculated include the 2015- and 2016-dated Native American $1 coins. (See photos of the 2015 dollar and photos of the 2016 dollar.)


The 2017-S Enhanced Uncirculated Coin Set may be ordered directly from the United States Mint by following this link its product page. Orders are also accepted by calling 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468).

These sets will also be available at the Philadelphia and Denver Mint sales centers, the U.S. Mint’s headquarters in D.C. and at the Mint’s booth of the World’s Fair of Money in Denver.

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No problem ordering this today.


are they sold out?

Dale D.Reese

12 07 pm Product not available !


I noticed they went to Unavailable 6 minutes after going on sale.


As of 11:15 they are unavailable

Eddy R

Ordered today’s fast and easy!


Ordered at noon eastern today…very smooth, no problems.
Looked back in at 12:06 and the mint was showing them as unavailable!
Wow….never thought all 225K sets would go that fast.
I’m sure we’ll see a lot of these on television!


I saw it on eBay ,$129 highest $59 lowest ,so many college students flipping the coin for school tuition .


I got 3 sets at around 12:02 … whew.


Ordered 5 had confirmation at 12:01 went really smooth


Placed my order for 2 sets immediately at 12:00 Noon today. All went very smoothly and the order was confirmed. This limited enhanced 225th Anniversary coin set should drive higher prices in the after market. Regret not ordering more sets!

Seth Riesling

The Denver Mint Gift Shop is selling these sets with a 20-set per person limit. I got 20 sets & headed back to the convention center to get in line for the sales to start at official opening time of ANA coin show at 1pm Mountain time & will buy as many sets as they allow per person (they supposedly have 5,000 sets at the Denver convention U.S. Mint sales booth.) Good luck everyone!



I wonder what these sets will be selling for in a week? lot of people locking in at 100 dollars on secondary market


@Seth Riesling

I hear from elsewhere that the Denver shop has now sold out.

BTW are the TPGs doing their show label thing over at the ANA show?

Chas Barber

3minute sellout. Yup the mint has fixed their issues, everyone is pissed off @ them now, but for mike ProfiteerDestroying collecting Micheksheet & MCM, etc. I can wait until we land on Mars for this set…… I spent my $$ on tulipsbulbs & 42o seeds, here in No. Cali that’s where the reel $$ is.,….after harvest ALL my coins are enhanced when I00k @ them….. haa ha, phuck the ill run mint

Chas Barber

In 6 months <$45…..

Seth Riesling

Tinto – There really were not as many people at the Denver Mint Gift Shop when I got there before opening. They said 20 sets per person limit, but there were people buying for dealers also, so they sold out fairly quickly I guess. I got my 20 sets & left so I wouldn’t miss the convention opening activities. I am buying for myself & 4 nephews & a few of my fellow local coin club members back home in Austin who couldn’t be at the ANA coin show & thought they might sell out quickly. I will sell them… Read more »


“..The TPG are all offering special ANA Denver coin show labels & on site grading of coins, but they don’t have a 10-coin multi-holder so you have to pay to have each of the 10 coins graded & slabbed separately!”

Hah! With the show label special (additional) price, on site grading price … that is gonna add up! TPGs got those hooked on this label madness in their pocket.

BTW not into unc mint sets, but is this EU from San Fran the first “S” unc set since they went clad?


I think this set or a few a coins in it will have real long term value… Think about it a Penny with a mintage of 225k same with Nickle/ Dime people will need these and with an estimated 8-16mm coin collectors in the USA I think people will always be on the look out for this set or more likely the individual coins… What would have been nice if they did this same set at every Mint Facility… What are others thoughts on long term value?


I’m in Australia so woke up before 3am to get it at release time.
I refreshed constantly … it never showed as available.

I’m really annoyed, and not just because of the interrupted sleep. I have been waiting for this release, and been excited.
Being overseas, I was happy to pay the additional $20 shipping, I just wanted a set, as I am a collector.

It is a pity the collector isn’t catered for. Instead big business is.


The big dealers bought up all the sets. Don’t let them profit, don’t buy from them.

And why did the US Mint put a limit on the gold coins last year and no limit on these?

Christopher Williams

I picked up a few at three different times…..all went smooth….then I tried a fourth time at 12:06 and they were “Unavailable.”

Roger Humpula

Hit the “Order now” button a 12:00 and received conformation on my 3 sets at 12:45. Very smooth for a change.


I agree with dirtcheap. I think these sets will continue to appreciate as time goes on. I know most us mint products depreciate over time but this time will be a exception

Rich D

I bought 3 sets for my kids. I’m just a normal collector not trying to
Profit. If they are worth more in the future , great. Those clowns on TV reallly drive me crazy and would never purchase from them.


look at it this way, a 2017-S SP enhanced cent with a population of 225,000, about the same population as a 1909-S cent. this holds true for all 10 coins, same very low population

Christopher Williams

Mike “Sold Out, Limited Edition” Mezack will surely be hawking these this weekend.


Just saw Coin Vault … they are hawking a PCGS Denver ANA FDI SP70 225th anniv. set (1 of 1,000) in individual slabs for about $480.00 ….
I guess they beat the HSN guy (who will probably have ANACS..)

Bill K

I missed the release (was at work) so I just bought two sets on Ebay, one for $54.50 and one for $56.96 – both with shipping included – didn’t want them this way, but need 1 set to keep intact and 1 set to break up for my complete individual denomination sets. I wish the mint would hire a real collector as a consultant, because they continually show their ineptitude when it comes to mintages and household limits.


Very sad. Make a set for the masses to enjoy. Then don’t restrict the purchase count, so the masses can’t buy them (yet).

I think it would have been a lot better to have imposed a 10 purchase limit for the first couple of days. Then let the big dealers feast on the remains.

A serious error by the Mint, in my opinion.


The mint is not above making serious errors and more frequently lately without a responsible director in charge.

Eddy R

My order shipped today!!!

Chas Barber

Mark agree 100% no HH Limit makes cents……… to only the big boys TVdealers & TPG. Why no HH limit? Because the mint needed a winner, as with the ’17-s Proof AGE I pass on buying from others & the mint. I just don’t care. Those saying there are 12m+ collectors are maybe right as to accumulators- not true collectors.


my order shipped today too, I would assume everyone’s order shipped today

Seth Riesling

For those who don’t want to have each coin graded & slabbed separately, a “band” with a generic grade is offered by NGC (much like the bands that NGC & PCGS offer on the GSA holder Morgan silver dollars in their originally hard plastic GSA holders). The lowest price I have found is cherry-picked sets at $49.95. Glad I got what I needed at the Denver Mint Gift Shop & the Mint’s sales booth at the ANA show on first day of sales. Don’t overpay for these, as there are a lot out there that dealers bought in big batches.… Read more »

Christopher Williams

Checking out Ebay final sales on these, I see the prices have dropped a bit, but in my humble opinion, I think this set will increase in value as time passes.


Coin flippers burned hand. Dealers lost underwear. I told you this set is Orphan set. No continue or annual issues and don’t contain any special metal such as sliver. Great to see someone will sell it for $25 after 2-5 years.

Joe Brown

The Diamond in the rough, my opinion is the nickel, been the same cents WW2. When all the dust settles, & some time down the road. Take a good look at how many graded nickels have grades of 70* 69* 68* big score error nickel*70 or any grade would be great, out of the 225,000 minted. Cents it a ogb*set just sit on it. unless you want first label stuff. But you pay more right now, & from what I* read, & wrote in a blog on June 30 2017* that for some reason ***POOF*** not there no more, *i*… Read more »


Looking at e-bay some are listing 1000 sets for sale at a time, how do you get 1000 sets when max order was 100 at a time on mint website, mint is making big bucks and the honest coin collector can’t get what drive his passion, sad, this is why so many have stopped ordering from mint, protect the collectors please, how do you call yourself a coin collector when you flip coins like this for an instant profit


They are now taking orders on the mint’s website again.
Same price as originally listed.


No problem buying them today. 08-03-2017


got an email alert that they were available again today 8/3/17 and ordered two sets.


I was late on the 1st trying to order. I got online on the mints site at 2:30pm received Unavailable message. I then signed up on the waiting list. I received an e mail this morning that sets were available. I went on line at 9:28 am EST placed an order for one set for myself. All went smoothly. It was a pleasant surprise, as I was disappointed on the 1st that they sold out so quick. I guess I can’t say anything negative now.


Mint just opened up sales again for these sets…..available as of today 9:30am !!


Some customer must have cancelled a large order.


They are back on sale…bought 3 more today


It will certainly kill the eBay market (which is good). I reckon the mint chose not to fulfil a large order from one of the people who ordered multiples of thousands.

I am now happy, but I think the anger and resentment is still justified. Especially for someone like Bill K who posted in this comment thread that he bought two sets off eBay at inflated prices.


I agree that someone who bought on the secondary market at inflated prices should be mad, but also just maybe they should have waited and signed up for the waiting list just in case? I had a hunch there would be sets available once the mint had a few days to consolidate the orders. I absolutely refused to buy on the secondary market right after release because of the high mintage, and in the past many mint offerings have dropped from issue price to lower prices as time went by. Because of the high mintage of this set I wasn’t… Read more »


I bet that guy who bought 1,000 sets off e bay is mad. the seller even relisted so has another 1,000. there are orders that get cancelled also for having bad credit cards


The US Mint sent out notices around 9:00 AM Eastern Time today that the 225th Anniversary Enhanced Uncirculated Coin Set was once again available for purchase. Get them while you can!